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Rejection Process in Service Quotations

In the lifecycle of a Service Quotation, during negations it may so happen that the customer service manager needs to reject the quotation. The customer might not have been happy with the discount offered. It is very key for any organization to capture these business specific reasons due to which the service quotation got rejected. This will help the key stakeholders to do analysis and understand there client’s needs. With CE 2102, S/4 HANA Service Management offers the feature for customer service managers to capture this key information, Reason for Rejection, while rejecting a quotation. The entry of rejection reason is supported only at the header level of the service quotation. Also the list of rejection reasons are customizable as per the area of business.

Scenario 1:

The user rejects the Service Quotation along with all its items at the header level by clicking on the Reject Button. The user can provide the reason for rejection here based on the information that he/she have gathered during communication with the client.

On click of the reject button on the dialog box the Quotation is set to rejected.

Scenario 2:

The user rejects the last active item in the Service Quotation, wherein the other items have already been rejected, by clicking on the “Reject Item” button in item section or the Reject Item button in the Item details page. Since this is the last item, and rejection of this item will lead to rejection of the quotation as a whole, so the user is redirected to provide the reason of rejection.

2a. Reject Items Button in Item Section

On click of the reject button on the dialog box the Quotation is set to rejected.

2b. Reject Item Button in Item Details Section.

On click of the reject button on the dialog box the Quotation is set to rejected.

Scenario 3:

If the Service Quotation has been accepted and a follow-up Service Order has also been automatically created, then on click of Reject Button, the message “Reject the follow-up service order first ” is displayed. The rejection of an already accepted quotation is not possible via the Service Quotation app. However it is important to note, that once the follow-up service order has been rejected, the service quotation is also internally rejected with a system default rejection code.

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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Nice informative write up Priyanka! This Feature helps in analyzing the reasons why the quotes gets rejected and how we can improve to reduce the number of rejections.

      Author's profile photo Julius Englert
      Julius Englert

      Hi Priyanka Gayen, thank you for all the information. I have one question: Is there the option to analyse or report the rejection reasons across all quotations to be able to act accordingly?

      Author's profile photo Julius Englert
      Julius Englert

       To analyze the rejection reasons for Service Orders you can use the "Service Orders Issues - Analyze Issues" app.

      Use the filter "Transaction Type" to filter for Service Orders (SVO1/SVO2).

      Use the filter "Cancelation Reason Code" to filter for a particular rejection reseaon.

      Add the "Cancelation Reason Code" to display the reject reason per Service Quotation or Service Order.