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15 Best QR Code Generators Online in 2021 For Your Business

With QR codes taking their time in the spotlight, businesses are eager to choose the best QR code generator to work with.

Another year is finally coming to an end. While some businesses are closing, others are just starting their journey. But as they start, the struggle in finding the right tool befalls in their hands.

Since QR codes are becoming one of the most used tools in the 21st-century setting, existing and starting ones are creatively employing the use of them in their operations. With their QR code utilization, QR code experts recommend the 15 best QR code generators that you rely on for your businesses.

With the following key factors being considered by most QR code users and experts, here are the following factors that businesses should checkout when choosing the best one.


To know the credibility of a certain service is a competitive advantage for businesses in terms of service and profit. Because of that, the QR code experts added this key factor for businesses. To know the QR code generator’s credibility, you must check if it has a secure connection and has an SSL certificate to its domain. For you to check its SSL domain, you can look at the information icon beside the URL or use an online SSL checker.

In this way, your information will be securely checked and well-managed by the QR code generator’s server.

Multiple QR code usage and design options

One thing businesses like when using QR codes is the tool’s ability to support different types of data and its personalization feature. As QR code design are not limited from its traditional look, businesses should always look on to the QR code generator’s multiple QR code usages and design options.

Ability to create dynamic QR codes

Since dynamic QR codes are great for business marketing, businesses should always look up for a QR code generator that allows them to create a dynamic QR code. As dynamic QR codes are trackable and editable, the use of it is ideal for businesses with long term QR code usage.

Frequent Security Updates and Responsive Customer service

Aside from checking out the QR code maker’s credibility, QR code usage and design options, and ability to create dynamic QR codes, businesses should always look at its frequent security updates and customer service response duration.

Since technology is always evolving, running a frequent security update is necessary for every software and devices. Because of that, QR code experts include this key factor for businesses to look out for when choosing a QR code generator.

Ability to let you experience QR code generation beforehand

Lastly, one thing that businesses should always consider when choosing the best QR code generator is its offer to let them experience generating their QR code beforehand. By letting them experience the QR code generation beforehand, they can easily decide to choose one.

15 best QR code generators in 2021 for your business

  1. QRTiger

                                                 Image Source –

QRTiger is a QR code generator that has a simple and minimalistic interface that can be used by people of all ages. Aside from its simple and easy to follow QR code generation phase, this QR code generator is ad-free and let users generate their QR code without any interruptions. It’s built for professionals that want to be able to track data and get the most out of their QR codes.

With its overall usage, this QR code generator with logo has all the key factors QR code experts given when looking into one. Out of our research, we can say that QRTIGER is the best QR Code generator on our list.

2. QRStuff

                                                 Image Source –

QRStuff has a simple yet interactive interface where a user can easily generate its own QR code with ease. It has common QR code solutions such as Emails, texts, URLs, Vcard, and most of the social media links.

But during the process of customizing a QR code, this QR code maker did not display any design preview for the QR code. Because of its inability to display a design preview, many QR code users are stuck in the customization process. Thus, making their QR code generation experience incomplete.

 3. Qrd

                                                Image Source – is also a QR code maker that offers comprehensive and easy to follow steps in generating QR codes. It has different QR code solutions that can range from the typical URL embedding down to file and bitcoin data embedding.

While it is great to use, many restricted steps require a subscription to unlock them. One of the restricted steps they mention is the customization of QR codes. Since many QR code generators offer free QR code customization, the use of can be a disadvantage to users.

4. Visualead

                                                    Image Source –

Visualead is a visual-focused QR code maker that specializes in creating QR codes with unique designs. This QR code maker allows users to explore different QR code solutions categorized as URL, business, Personal, and Utility. The only downside of this QR code generator is that it requires you to sign up for their subscription to download your generated QR code. This can greatly affect your QR code journey.

 5. GoQR

                                                   Image Source –

GoQR is a QR code maker that promotes the use of RQ codes in daily wearables and objects. It offers a variety of QR code solutions ranging from the traditional URL embedding down to its Vcard QR code implementation. This QR code maker has limited QR code generation features. The limitations it includes are customization prompt and adding a logo to it.

6. ForQRcode

                                                  Image Source –

ForQRcode is a QR code maker that has a simple QR code generation interface. It has a good variety of QR code solution offers that beginners and intermediate QR code users can enjoy. it has three downsides: on-site ads, QR code generator redirects to another QR code maker, and limited QR code customization options to free users.

7. Codigos-qr

                                        Image Source – is a QR code maker that is widely used in Brazil. This QR code generator offers a free QR code generation with select QR code solutions. lacks the prompt to create dynamic QR codes and customization steps. Both of which are important for QR code users. Because of its shortcomings, some QR code users become wary of it.

8. QRExplore

                                                Image Source –

QRExplore is a QR code generator that employs bulk QR code generation for users who like to generate their QR codes at once. This QR code generator is limited to URL embedding, which makes QR code users experience limited to URL QR code generation.

9. UQR

                                              Image Source

If you are looking for a more competitive QR code maker and you are willing to pay more for that, then this uQR is one of the QR code experts recommended competitive QR code generators. By signing up for their software subscription, users can enjoy creating their QR codes in a dynamic state for a limited number of generations depending on the subscription bundle.

But if you are not convinced pay first before creating a policy, you can always go to the best free QR code generator. Through the use of it, you can always have your QR code generation experience first before deciding on partnering with them.


                                                    Image Source –

Just like the uQR QR code generator software, QFuse is also competitive QR code generator software that requires users to sign up first before starting their QR code generation journey. This QR code generator software is useful for businesses with no money issues. For starting businesses, QR code experts cannot recommend the use of it unless they are willing to spend their funds on QR code generation.

11. Barcodes. Inc

                                                         Image Source – Barcodes. Inc

Barcodes Inc is a simple QR code generator that is used to provide information for manufacturing products and services by embedding text into a QR code. Before, Barcodes.Inc specializes in selling barcode related tools such as barcode scanners and stickers.

As they have adopted the change QR codes are bringing to the barcode industry, the company integrates the use of a QR code generator to let their customers generate their QR codes for their products and services.

12. High QR code generator

                                                        Image Source – High QR code

High QR code is a QR code maker that Google powers to give their avid users a tool on how to start their journey with QR codes. The QR code solutions it offers can range from the typical URL embedding to text embedding. But as you use their service you will occasionally see ads popping out as you click on the next generation steps.

Because of the occasional ad interruption, their QR code generation experiences some technical setbacks.

 13. Ventipix

                                                    Image Source – Ventipix

Ventipix is a QR code maker that enables QR code users to create their creative QR code using a simple QR code generation interface. While it is great for intermediate QR code users, the use of this software can sometimes confuse other users who are starting to use it.

Aside from the design confusion, it makes to users, this QR code maker doesn’t support the use of dynamic QR codes. Because of their exclusion of it, businesses will have to generate another set of QR codes for their updated data.

14. Supercode

                                         Image Source –

Supercode is a new and emerging QR code generator today. It has all the common QR code solutions that a QR code is commonly used for. While they can carry out a great QR code generation process, its customization part requires a subscription prompt. Because of its limited QR code customization prompt, many QR code users get frustrated in their QR code generation.


                                           Image Source is a software company that specializes in collecting data and creating file data hosts such as barcodes. And one of the software they offer is the QR code generator. Just like Super code, it has most of the common QR code solutions.

While it has a simple QR code generation system, its QR code design customization is not friendly to beginning QR code users Also, it does not support the generation of dynamic QR codes. Which makes their QR code not editable and trackable.


As businesses are braving towards a more competitive business era, the use of digital tools has become a weapon to stay afloat. Since digital tools like QR codes are taking the flight towards a digitally-driven industry, partnering with the best QR code generator is a must for businesses in 2021. By carefully checking its key points in turning data into a profitable tool, businesses like yours can ensure a spot in maintaining their profits. QRTIGER is definitely the best QR code generator on our list.







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