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Author's profile photo Mohammad Thousif Shaik

Variability between Desktop Studio and Cloud Studio


My name is Thousif. I am SAP Junior Technical Consultant at Amista. Amista is a fast-growing IT consulting company focused on SAP software solutions and services. I majorly works on SAP iRPA projects. We all know that SAP iRPA cloud studio has been released. In this post, I am going to share my personal insights regarding it and discuss some major differences between cloud studio and desktop studio. I am a profound user of the desktop studio but I found cloud studio as an absolute stunner, here are some reasons why:

High Code vs Low code

The desktop studio is a high code approach when compared to the cloud studio. When I started using the desktop studio, I was amazed by the forward engineering of scenarios. But, it is now even easier with the cloud studio. There is very little code to merge. There are new supplemental activities as all the functions in the cloud studio are available as drag and drop which makes it more comfortable to use for both developers and business users, and saves a lot of time. All interactions can be made inside the browser itself which reduces the TCO. No need for extensive knowledge in JavaScript is required anymore as many functions are available as drag and drop. The many protracted activities we use to do with the desktop studio are now reduced to a single step. There is an improved SDK structure in the cloud studio which is alluring for developers. 

No Fat Installation

With cloud studio is now on hands, there is no need for that fat installation package which we were doing. It is more complex for business users too. I, personally saw many beginners who struggled with the installation of the studio. It is going to be a lot easier for them as they can directly access it with a cloud tool. 

Not Only for Coders

The low code no code approach of cloud studio enables non-coders to build bots with ease. It makes automation more readable and understandable. Meaningful functional activities help non-coders to be effortless. 

Sharing Privileges Rights

No more complex steps for sharing of privileges rights, this can be done inside the project now.

Impressive UI features

The look and feel of UI is very impressive and user friendly. The impulsive design of cloud designs will empower citizen developers to build complex more bots more easily.

Easy Testing

Cloud studio is available in the design console and test console. It is simple to test the projects now, what’s more, attractive we can directly test in the desired environment, no need of importing and then releasing in the respective environment. 

Easy Deployment

This is gonna go without saying. The deployment of the bot is very easy now with cloud studio. No need of exporting the file and importing again as this can be handled easily.

Easy Maintenance 

All the above-mentioned things make the project trouble-free to maintain for developers. 

Overall, it’s good to see that many complex things are now reduced to simple functions. I had a fun-filled experience with the cloud studio. It is very useful and helpful for beginners, non-coders, and business users. 


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      Author's profile photo Pierre COL
      Pierre COL

      Thanks for your positive feedback Mohammad!

      Take advantage of 20+ RPA-related sessions at SAP TechEd 2020 to learn more on SAP Intelligent RPA 2.0.

      Author's profile photo Mohammad Thousif Shaik
      Mohammad Thousif Shaik
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Pierre,

      Thank you. Just coming back from Hyper-automation with iRPA webinar with Sebastian. Registered with most of the iRPA and CAI sessions. Thank you for conducting all such sessions.

      Thank you,


      Author's profile photo Juan Daniel Cortés Peña
      Juan Daniel Cortés Peña

      Hello, thank you for your post

      I can see all the benefits of the new cloud studio but I’m wondering where can I edit directly the code as I can in “scripts” tab in actual desktop studio? I read about a low code functionality but honestly I don’t understand. Or from now we can not edit the code directly?

      Thank you.

      Juan D

      Author's profile photo Mohammad Thousif Shaik
      Mohammad Thousif Shaik
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Juan D,

      As cloud studio studio is a low code no code approach, there isn't script tab, at least not for now, but you can edit all the related activities in step and you can go for custom script activity if you want to write Js code.

      Thank you,


      Author's profile photo Maty Seye
      Maty Seye


      great post thank you.

      My question is what do u recommand me to use (destop or cloud) to develop a project.


      Author's profile photo Mohammad Thousif Shaik
      Mohammad Thousif Shaik
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Maty Seye

      I would choose it according to scale of the project! If it's supposed to be low-mid level with less custom code, my personal opinion is to go with cloud studio. If project is of high level, involving multiple technologies where you need to write large set of custom codes, desktop studio is preferable. Choose your comfort, I'm more comfortable writing custom scripts than using pallets.

      Best Regards,