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SAP Conversational AI Quiz for SAP TechEd 2020 – And the winners are…

Hi SAP Community,

As you may already know, we’ve launched a quiz to test your knowledge of the SAP Conversational AI platform and its main features a few weeks ago.

First of all, congratulations to all the participants who took the time to complete it!

The submissions are now closed, and it’s time to announce the winners ūüôā

The winners are…?

Gabi Buchner

  • Grace Jeba Selvi Jacob

You deserve a round of applause from the community and the entire SAP Conversational AI team, well done!

Don’t miss SAP Conversational AI at SAP TechEd and register for our sessions if you haven’t done it yet, the event is virtual-only this year ūüôā


Correct answers to the quiz

 Which of the following features are only available with the Enterprise Edition of SAP Conversational AI?

  • A) Bot testing
  • B) SAP Single Sign-On (SSO)¬†
  • C) Custom enrichments
  • D) Variable scripting
  • E) Conversation logs

 While configuring an API service under your bot actions, you cannot use scripting in: 

  • A) URL
  • B) Response
  • C) Body
  • D) Headers

 Where can you configure a system alias for your webhooks and API service calls?

  • A) In your bot¬†settings
  • B) In one of your bot skills, in the‚ÄúBuild‚ÄĚ tab
  • C) In the ‚ÄúConnect‚ÄĚ tab
  • D) In your profile settings

 Which type of button lets you bypass the natural language understanding of SAP Conversational AI to directly execute a skill?

  • A) Postback
  • B) Phone Number
  • C) Link
  • D) Trigger Skill

 Custom messages do not allow bot developers to:

  • A) Consume API service responses directly in the platform
  • B) Connect their chatbots to several third-party channels at once
  • C) Configure a ‘go-to’ button that lets end-users directly trigger a skill without the action being interpreted as an utterance
  • D) Consume the bot‚Äôs memory directly in the platform

 Which of the following statements for the use of scripting in SAP Conversational AI are true?

  • A) Scripting is¬†only supported in actions that support the {{variable}} syntax
  • B) You cannot use Natural¬†Language Generation (NLG) helpers in scripts
  • C) You can store information in variables via scripting
  • D) You can use¬†scripting¬†to¬†transform¬†the API response while configuring a service API¬†to¬†fetch entity values

 What is the type of token introduced in the October release of SAP Conversational AI that enables bot developers to authenticate API requests for both new and existing bots?

  • A) Hybrid token
  • B) oAuth token¬†
  • C) Developer token
  • D) Request token

 What are the elements from your bot training that you can fetch from an external database using an API?

  • A) Entity enrichments¬†
  • B) Intents
  • C) Expressions
  • D) Entity values¬†

 Which of the following statements regarding entity matching strictness are true?

  • A) You can define a strictness parameter for all types of entities (free, gold, and restricted)
  • B) You can tag a restricted custom entity in your sentences to improve entity detection
  • C) With the matching strictness of 80, an entity detected with a confidence score of 0.8 is filtered out, and an entity detected with 0.81 confidence or higher is considered‚ÄĮ
  • D) You can‚Äôt reset the matching strictness once configured

 Which of the following sentences regarding the Conversation Logs feature are true?

  • A) Conversation Logs is a tool that‚ÄĮshows all the conversations that users have with your chatbot and classifies them to one of your bot‚Äôs intents¬†
  • B) You can‚Äôt download a¬†conversation thread
  • C) Each conversation has a unique conversation ID
  • D) The default permission for all users for Conversation Logs is set to‚ÄĮRead

 What is the name of the new tab introduced in the October release of SAP Conversational AI and available for Enterprise Edition users only?

  • B) BUILD
  • C) TEST

 Which feature has been completely redesigned in the October release to follow the SAP Conversational AI Web Client interface?

  • A) Intents
  • B) The chat console
  • C) The profile page
  • D) Training analytics

 Which of the following message types have been enhanced in October to support new functionalities when using scripting?

  • A) Images
  • B) Buttons
  • C) Carousel
  • D) Cards
  • E) Lists

 In which of the following scenarios Regex (Regular Expressions) entities are useful?

  • A) If you have a pattern to detect and don’t need machine learning detection of the entity
  • B) If you don’t have a strict list of values and want machine learning to detect all possible values
  • C) If you have a strict list of words to detect and don’t need automatic detection of entity

For more information about SAP Conversational AI:

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