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Tips to Rent Economical Vehicles for Your Dubai Trip

If you are a travel freak then you must be aware of how to book cheap tours. But renting a car especially if you book daily is quite a challenging task. The reason is simple: we book flights more often than hiring a car.

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Are you wondering how to Rent A Car Dubai on a daily basis? Well, here is a simple guide. Just make sure to follow each and every tip to get the most economical car according to your budget.

Tips to rent economical vehicles for your Dubai trip:

Go for the memberships

If you are a frequent Dubai traveler then you should opt-in for rental car memberships. The growth of this industry has increased recently and that’s why these agencies are offering attractive memberships especially for their returning customers. You can ask your favorite company if they are offering any type of membership options or not. If not, you can switch to the company that is offering these memberships to get heavy discounts on your favorite cars.

Choose budget cars

If you are not traveling for business purposes then you should choose budget cars to save extra pennies. Many agencies have different car types from economical to budget cars so you can rent anyone accordingly. But, if you are on a road trip with your family, hire a crossover or SUV to enjoy your trip conveniently.

Don’t opt-in for extras

Most of the car rental companies are trying to sell the extras like insurance policies, navigations, and other assistance, etc. Say no to these kinds of amenities because you don’t need them as you are just hiring a car for a single day. Also, you can use Google maps as an alternative and as far as the insurance is concerned, you can try paying by your insurance card as they cover insurance mostly. So, don’t fall for their attractive baits.

Find the best rental car agency

There are plenty of companies in the UAE that offer rental cars on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. With that much competition, it is hard to find the best company but little research will do help. You can search for all the relevant queries on google to find the best rental company. Like try searching “cheap car rental Dubai” and you may find some of the top economical companies. Now, you just have to compare the services and prices to find the best.

Ask for discounts

If your Dubai tour is long like for months or years, you can ask for special discounts. Almost 17 million people visit Dubai every year and most of them prefer their personal cars. Some people opt-in for rental cars while others choose car lease or buying options. You can choose any of them according to your budget and stay duration. If you are just looking for discounts for particular days, research is the key. Explore all the options on the internet and choose the best.

Never rent a car from the airport

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Most of you might feel overwhelmed at the airport and book the first car you see after landing. But, trust us, that is the most costly option you would ever choose. The car rentals at the airport are too costly because it is one of the busiest airports. To avoid this issue you can book a car in advance and ask them to drop it at the airport on a certain date. Some companies may charge you for the drop-off or car pickup but RentalcarsUAE doesn’t charge anything for that.


Here are some of the ways to save money on the rental car if you are hiring on a daily basis. Follow this guide and Monthly Rent a car in Dubai to enjoy your trip.


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