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SAP Intelligent RPA 2.0 – New season of “RPA for Dummies” is here!

Some videos to open the chakras…

I had the pleasure to build and present last year the first RPA for Dummies video series.

It was the opportunity to present the concept, the definition, and the strategies to smoothly jump into that technology.

This videos were followed by the first OpenSAP course, dedicated to SAP Intelligent RPA.

I presented this course, with my colleagues Thierry and Harsha.


As the new version SAP Intelligent RPA 2.0 is being released, It’s evident to update SAP’s Intelligent RPA story, with a slightly offbeat vision, using metaphors and analogies.


Of course, we use the “dummies” word as a wink, with respect to all the viewers that watch episodes…




If you smile after watching this new season, we win!

If you learn something, then, we are sure we took the best road to clearly explain to everyone what we are playing with, every day! And that’s great!

The first two episodes are released.

We propose to come back to the basics, look at the bot and the beat, and think of the pieces you connected together when you were a kid, to build from pieces to masterpieces…!

Finally, dare to take the stairway to success with us!

So, be ready, get set, and go!

And stay tuned!

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