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SAP Data Warehouse Cloud & SAP BW/4HANA Model Transfer – Part 5

In the previous steps we configured the Tunnel Connection and we configured the Model transfer connection towards our SAP BW/4 HANA system and we released the Query in BW/4HANA so that we can use the Model Transfer in SAP Data Warehouse Cloud.

So now we can leverage the BW Query and generate the model in DWC. In Data Warehouse Cloud we navigate to the Business Builder and we can use the option to import the model based on an existing connection.

We are then shown the list of connections and in our case we only have one connection for a Model Transfer option.

Based on the configured connection, we are then shown the list of BW/4HANA Queries which have been released for the Model Transfer.

After we selected the BW/4HANA Query, we are presented with the list of assets that are being created using the Business Builder and the Data Builder.

Here the items for the Business Builder…

… here the items for the Data Builder.

You can see that the Model Transfer generates the following:

  • It imports the the tables for the characteristics / dimension, as you can see here with the table /BIC/MZ_CUSTOM and /BIC/TZ_CUSTOM for the characteristic Customer from the query.
  • On top of each of the tables, we also get a View as part of the Data Builder as you can see in the image above with Z_CUSTOM__T and DLZ_CUSTOM
  • We have a third view, which then joins the 2 views mentioned above, in this example – TAZ_CUSTOM, configured as a dimension.
  • You have a table for the result of the BW/4HANA query – in our example DWC_DEMO, which basically contains the key values for the dimensions and the measures.
  • In the Business Builder you will then receive a Dimension for each of the Dimensions in the BW/4HANA Query.
  • You also receive a Analytical Data Set and a Consumption Model, based on the BW/4HANA Query definition.


So when you do use the Model Transfer option between SAP Data Warehouse Cloud and SAP BW/4HANA you can see that all the elements from the underlying BW/4HANA query are being generated as part of the Data Builder as well as the Business Builder so that you can access the information in BW/4HANA remotely and – for example – combine the data from BW/4HANA with other information you have access to.


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      Author's profile photo Upamanyu Mukherjee
      Upamanyu Mukherjee

      Hi Ingo,

      Is the same also achievable using BW bridge?


      Upamanyu Mukherjee