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How to get up to speed fast (technically speaking) on SAP IoT and Edge in 2020?

The fastest way from now until the end of the year is the upcoming new bootcamp format piloting on December 21st in the European and late Asian timezones. Within 6 hours it gets you ready to plan and execute your IoT implementation hand’s on.

But not everyone will get a seat or has time on this day so this blog describes all the different resources we provide to you to understand, learn and apply SAP IoT and SAP Edge Services at your company or at your customer. It highlights new formats or new content that has been provided throughout 2020 with a * so if you have been through this this is how you can step up your game.

1) Documentation

At the heart of our enablement strategy is the documentation. It should serve as a reference for the use of our services in your implementation project and describes all apis and all capabilities in detail. Here it is:

As a developer or IT person setting up the system for the first time make sure you start in the “Discover > Getting Started” section.

The best overview of all available services and apis is offered in the “Develop” section. So it might be the best section to scan even before you start with your implementation.

Please make sure you use the feedback function available on each page at the bottom right to provide feedback or to ask clarification questions on specific apis.

Incremental updates are delivered in parallel with actual code changes in the product on the same day. You will find the documentation for all new features and any other information important for continuously operating a solution built on SAP IoT and Edge in the “What’s New” section (* new content every 2-4 weeks throughout 2020). You can see the new release (and also choose to see older versions of the documentation) showing up at the top of the screen. When you bookmark a help page or send it to someone else please replace the current version in the URL with “latest”.

2) Sample Code, Integrations & SDKs

We provide most of the sample code and integrations on This allows you to fork the project and to also make suggestions (pull requests) when you have built an improvement that you think is relevant to all users. Please provide feedback or report problems by creating issues in the respective repos.

We have 2 repositories on Github with generic, scenario-independent sample code for both Edge Services and SAP IoT. Please consider these samples first:

For SAP IoT there is an SDK for building server-side applications with node js. It is continuously maintained at:

Then there are a number of scenario-specific samples targeted to support a specific implementation scenarios or integrations:

Older repositories might exist, but they are not up to date in regards of current SAP IoT and Edge service portfolio and architecture – we leave them available to still consider them for installed base projects but suggest to not consider them for new projects.

3) Tutorials

Tutorials provide clear pre-requisites, step-by-step instructions with screenshots and (based on them being bundled in groups) configuring an end-to-end scenario from scratch in your own tenant. This will give you a head start into an implementation project and allows you to implement features faster compared to only looking at the reference documentation.

If you have feedback or problems with the tutorial please use the feedback button which will allow you create an issue in the github repository used to maintain these tutorials.

The most important group of tutorials to consider for new customers and partners is the following:

Although geomatching is not required in every scenario these tutorials cover the basics of data modelling, onboarding, ingestion and rules/actions.

Further tutorials or tutorial groups allow you to make use of additional features and functions as required in your implementation scenario – most of them build on the data model used in the above tutorial group:

4) Questions, Answers & Blogs

For SAP IoT and Edge there are dedicated topics in the sap community under which you can search for answers or ask questions and get answers:

A few of the most notable blogs * new in 2020 are listed below:

You can leave questions you have as comments in the blogs and the authors of the blogs will be notified. Of course you can raise any question and if you tag it correctly, one of the developers or an expert from the community will pick it up – usually within a day.

5) E-Learning & Classroom Training

All of the more in depth education material is listed in the learning journey for SAP IoT and Edge:

It provides 3 key formats for (online) learning for different stages in your project (listed below) and also in depth learning material to go deeper and to stay up to date. If you have feedback requests on the learning journey please use the feedback button in the lower right corner.

We recommend to every partner or customer, that regularly implements SAP IoT and Edge, to get a learning hub license to benefit from the e-learning material exclusively available in learning hub and the associated learning room. Think of it as the “frequent flyer lounge” for SAP IoT and Edge.

Here are the 3 core “courses” for SAP IoT and Edge to get you going in a structured way listed in the learning journey:

6) Summary

With the above technical enablement formats, we think we have covered all the bases of what is required to learn and implement SAP IoT and Edge as fast as possible. If you agree, or if you think we could do better, please comment below or send feedback directly to marcus.behrens (at)

PS: … and if you are really in a hurry join the Teched session on Wednesday at

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