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Cloud Platform Integration – Gmail configuration and Integration Flow

In this blog I will describes the steps to setup.  It is assumed that you have setup your cloud foundry trial services – activated the Integration suite and created the Integration Service instance.

If you are new to Cloud Platform Integrations Please look at

Part A – Set up the gmail app account.

  1. Access the url and turn on two step verification as shown below


Turn on 2 step Verification

  2) Create App password so that CPI can use this app password with your email id to send messages.  Click on App Passwords and create a app password with your app name


App Password

Copy the password that is displayed

3) Enable your account so that less secure apps can access your account.   This should be done for testing and then you can disable this option.  Scroll down and turn on access to less secure apps.  If this option does not appear it means that you have not enabled 2 factor verification.

PART B) Cloud Platform Integration Set up to enable gmail messages.

  1. Gmail certificates should be uploaded to CPI                                                                                   Start the Cloud Platform integration tenant and choose the Operations views and Connectivity Test.CPI%20Connectivity%20Test

2) Click on connectivity  Tests and choose SMTP and enter the settings as shown below


gmail SMTP Test and Download Certificates


On the right side click on the download button and download the zip file.  When you unzip it there are two certificate files these should be uploaded to CPI certificates

3) Upload the two certificates

From the operations view select keystore and choose add and then certificates – give a name to each of these two files and confirm the selection


Upload Gmail Certificates


4) Setup Security material to create an account that links your gmail account and the app password that you created earlier.  The password you enter here is not your gmail password but the app password.


Choose Security Material from Operation View


Click on Security material and choose Create User Credentials



Create User Credentials


Give it an name, the user is your email add and password is the the app password you created and click Deploy.


C)  Create An Integration Flow to send Soap Message to gmail account.

  1. Create a new integration Flow as shown below as shown below


Create SOAP To Email Integration Flow


2) Configure SOAP adapter Settings as shown below


SOAP Adapter Settings


3) Configure mail adapter Settings as shown below


Mail Adapter Settings Connections

  Mail Adapter Settings  Processing


Save the integration Flow and Deploy the integration.  Check in the operations view that the integration has started and note the end point url


End point url of deployed integration



D) Invoke the end point url from postman.  


    1. Start post man and choose post and enter the url that you copied                                      Postman%20Url%20and%20AuthorisationIn the Authorization  you should enter client id and client secret  that you will get from integration instance that you created on the your cloud space.
    2. Body of the message can be any valid soap message and make sure your choose content type as XML
    3. Click the Send button and make sure that you receive a success message
    4. Check your receiver email account to see this message with body having the above xml

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      Author's profile photo Yogananda Muthaiah
      Yogananda Muthaiah

      Great start! Well explained each steps..

      Keep sharing more and more...

      Author's profile photo Claudia Stefanía Bermúdez Guavita
      Claudia Stefanía Bermúdez Guavita

      Hi guys, I am trying to follow the tutorial of this mission:, I made all the settings as indicated in the procedure (they are similar to those are indicated here)... the integration endpoint appears as started/published; However, when I try to test in Postman, after put Auth information and BodyRequest, I always receive a Status 401...someone knows it could be causing this error?

      Author's profile photo Ramesh Vodela
      Ramesh Vodela
      Blog Post Author

      in the HTTP Settings check if you have XCRSF token check box - This should not be checked.

      Best regards


      Author's profile photo Lucca Ribeiro
      Lucca Ribeiro

      This was really helpful, thank you very much!

      Author's profile photo Ayaz shaik Mohammad
      Ayaz shaik Mohammad

      Thanks a lot!

      Author's profile photo pallavi chaudhury
      pallavi chaudhury

      Thanks for a good blog.

      Author's profile photo Carlos Roggan
      Carlos Roggan

      super !!

      This valuable content should be added to the default documentation of CPI