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People Analytics – What it offers distinctively?

SAP SuccessFactors Stories in People Analytics provides a lot of new capabilities that you can leverage to create new reports. Apart from the various SAP Analytics Cloud features supported in People Analytics Stories, you will also see some benefits in terms of achieving results that you can not achieve in existing Reporting tools in SuccessFactors.

In this blog, we will cover 10 features that are not supported by a few or any existing SuccessFactors Reporting tool but supported in People Analytics.

1. Report on profile completion and spot awards data.

Reporting on profile completion and Spot awards are very common requirements and this can now be achieved through People Analytics Stories. Profile completion and Spot Awards schemas are both supported in People Analytics.

2. Advanced Calculations

Number of advanced Functions are available for calculations in Report Story which are not available in any existing Reporting Tool. Example:

  • DAYS_BETWEEN(,) – Calculate the number of days between 2 dates.
  • ADDDAYTODATE(,) – Calculate a new date after adding a specific number of days to it.

List of all Functions: Click here

3. Dynamic date range

You want to pull past 1-year data in your report and the date range should be dynamic which means that it should adjust automatically every day. This can be achieved using Granularity and Range Extension combinations.


4. Hide duplicates

We call a row a duplicate only if all the values are same in more than one row.

Getting duplicate rows in a list report is very common. This could be expected if we query a database table that holds the same values for a user up to certain fields (say Set A) and different values in remaining fields (say Set B). Now, if we just add fields from set A in a report, it will output the same values for a user in multiple rows.

In Stories, we can easily hide the duplicate rows by using Aggregated List Type


5. Export charts in formats like pdf, pptx.

Through Tiles & Dashboard, you can export the data behind the charts however exporting the chart component is not available. This limitation is now removed in People Analytics.

In Stories, we can export the entire page (consisting of chart components) in pdf or pptx format.


6. Reporting on Onboarding 2.0

Onboarding 2.0 schema is available in the People Analytics Stories for reporting. You can now leverage People Analytics Story features to get some onboarding insights and improve the overall onboarding experience.

Blog: Onboarding 2.0 Reporting through People Analytics

7. Support Scope filter in Succession Management schema

In People Analytics Stories, we can use scope filtering to extract the succession data for a People/Position.

This is currently not available in Report Canvas

8. Sharing Stories with an extra access level.

While sharing a story with a non-admin user, you can now select the level of access you want to grant for the shared story without altering any RBP.

  • Read: Allow the user to just run the shared report.
  • Edit: Allow the user to run, edit, rename, export, duplicate, and label shared report.
  • Full: Allow the user to run, edit, rename, export, duplicate, label, share, and delete shared report.


9. Cross-domain charts

You cannot create custom charts using more than one domain/schema in Tiles & Dashboard however this is available in People Analytics. Use one data source with cross-module tables to create different components including charts.

10. Pivot export – Get the headers in the export file.

With Stories, you can now export the row headers in the output file. Create a pivot query using the Cross tab feature in Stories. On exporting the table, the rows headers will also be exported.

Through the Canvas tool, you cannot export the row headers while exporting the pivot component.


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      Author's profile photo Georgie Adkin
      Georgie Adkin

      Great article thank you! 🙂

      Author's profile photo Supriya Lanka
      Supriya Lanka

      Hello Praveen,

      Good Evening,

      Could you please help me with any support document to know how to create pivot table in story reporting. If you can provide in this weekend that would be a great help.


      Supriya Lanka