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Excellent results for SAP BW/4HANA

Last year, SAP BW/4HANA gained 13 top scores in BARC’s annual Data Management Survey.
No surprise – in this year’s issue of the survey we have even better results:

90% of Surveyed Users Would Recommend SAP BW/4HANA

The second edition of the BARC data management survey is the world’s largest and most thorough fact-based analysis of the data management software market.
The survey is based on feedback from 782 respondents. This provides real-world value analysis across an impressive, well-distributed sample designed around twelve KPIs.

Here are this year’s highlights:

  • 94% of surveyed customers would recommend SAP BW/4HANA.
    This is a significant finding in an increasingly competitive data warehousing space.
  • 97% rate its functionality as good or excellent.
    Compared to only 75% with SAP BW on HANA, this is a clear indicator that BW/4HANA is a world apart for the NetWeaver releases.
    SAP BW/4HANA annual feature releases brought new capabilities and fully support additional solutions like SAP Analytics Cloud.
  • 89% rate platform reliability as good or excellent.
    This is yet another reason for customers to lower their TCO and modernize BW NetWeaver systems to BW/4HANA.

Other top findings include:

  • 75% chose SAP BW/4HANA for scalability, compared to 59% for the average data management tool
  • 75% rate SAP BW/4HANA‘s innovative strength as excellent or good, compared to 64% for the average data management tool.

18 top rankings and 21 leading positions for SAP BW/4HANA!

Overall the survey shows top-rankings and leading positions for BW/4HANA across 4 peer groups like “Data Warehouse Technologies” or “ETL Products”.
This year’s findings show BW/4HANA with 18 top-rankings and 21 leading positions, accelerating past last year’s 13 top-rankings and 16 leading positions.

BW/4HANA achieves top-rankings or leading positions against Oracle, Microsoft, and Snowflake.
Customers rate SAP highly for KPIs like ‘Functionality’, ‘Performance’, and ‘Innovation power’, expressing a high level of satisfaction across the board.
The survey also confirms that users are thrilled with the level of innovative features in the product.

BW/4HANA ranked ahead of other products across its peer groups for the following KPIs:

  • Developer efficiency. BW/4HANA offers “extensive functions for data management and has been significantly upgraded compared to its predecessor, SAP BW”.
  • Performance. BW/4HANA is in first place in the ‘Data warehouse automation products’ and ‘ETL products’ peer groups and leads in the ‘Data warehouse technologies’ and ‘Global vendors’ peer groups for this KPI.
  • Breadth of supported use cases. BW/4HANA “earned a top spot” for its support of multiple integration patterns, data processing, and access engines and interfaces.
  • Functionality. “BW/4HANA tops all peer groups with a remarkable score of 9.8/10 in this KPI.
    Customers gave high scores the ability to bring together SAP and non-SAP data sources more easily, and to support virtual combined queries on data warehouse and data lake data.”

Customer quote: “SAP BW/4HANA brings in a new era for the data warehouse. It is a revolution in the area of data management. It is the most valuable product by SAP.”


Learn more and download the BARC DM Survey 2020 highlight document for SAP BW/4HANA



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      Author's profile photo Roland Kramer
      Roland Kramer

      SAP BW(/4) lives forever ...

      Author's profile photo Debjit Singha
      Debjit Singha

      Appreciate this article and I must say it is very well written and confidence booster for BW consultants.

      Coming from BW background - I am seeing recent changes  and SAP's quick adoption of AL/MP, S/4HANA and cloud based offering (SaaS & DBaaS) , I think BW4HANA's (or BW on HANA) scope and new acceptance may reduce in future, There are still arguments of a separate system consolidation vs SAP's business suite, that is going in favors of BW/4HANA. Though the gap is narrowing down with advancement of these business suites (as part of SAP's initiative of Intelligent Enterprise). SAP business suites are targeting pain areas  and adding analytic in the same platform . Not to mention these capabilities are taking giant leap in recent years. Small and medium side enterprises may skip additional BW layer altogether. This is not just for SAP BW but EDW as a whole. Beside there are other competitors in the market (non SAP side) that have advanced to a point that SAP's Enterprise Data Warehouse dominance is getting challenged.

      Challenges are coming from all direction - from "within SAP" and from outside and this trend is bound to grow in coming years. I have a feeling BW consultants and architects (like me) may remain on edge in coming years.

      Again these are my personal thoughts and I may be wrong !  🙂