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Cloud Smart Strategies For Customers

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted how much businesses need to develop flexible solutions to remote working. From brand identity design to running financial and payroll software, moving the cloud is the preferable solution. On-premise is easy to work with, and a lot of companies have grown used to its interface. However, the cloud offers a lot more in terms of making the business more competitive. SAP S/4HANA is surprisingly robust with the options it provides to companies, allowing them to migrate their entire on-premise system into the cloud. In this article, we’ll look at some cloud-smart strategies for businesses to make the most out of their cloud installation.

Speed Up Digital Transformation

We all know how much businesses are trying to make digital transformation happen. Yet all those companies realize how difficult it can be to implement all the improvements they discuss in meetings. The cloud makes it a lot easier to shift gears on digital transformation. Critical business processes, including HR, manufacturing, R&D, etc., can benefit from having cloud-based applications installed. By combining seamless access to data and analytics, these departments can refine their processes to make them more efficient in less time. Iteratively, this could take what would take years and turn it into a few months. 

Additionally, ease of use of cloud software will enhance buy-in from personnel in these departments. The issue with digital transformation in many cases is how long it takes to get everyone in the department convinced of how much it’ll help them with their workloads. Depending on how averse the department is to using new technology, this process can span several weeks to several months. Slowly replacing the existing software with new, upgraded utilities weans staff off using the older, outdated systems. The cloud comes with some familiar interfaces, but since the interactions across them is similar to on-premise systems, it’s a lot easier to convince staff that the cloud will help them. Cloud software is also highly adaptable, making it easy to implement commonly used utilities.

Raise Productivity

We already mentioned how COVID-19 had impacted businesses. The cloud offers a unique way for employees to log in and work remotely without compromising the system’s security. Virtual desktops can easily connect to critical data stored in cloud-managed databases. By allowing employees to operate remotely, the business will already be making strides in getting back on track after an unspecified period of mothballing. Additionally, with resources readily available to employees, they can continue to function at the same or higher productivity levels than if they were in the office.

Better Security

There has been a lot of talk about cloud installations having problems with data recently. On further examination of these trends, it’s immediately clear that these issues don’t come from the installation of the cloud systems themselves, but rather the configuration of cloud servers. With a competent IT team, the cloud offers a much more secure method of interacting with company data. Front-end logins can be issued to employees who can use their VPNs for flexible access from anywhere in the world. Additionally, all cloud access can be logged for added security and to spot irregular access patterns in case of an authentication breach through a user’s machine.

Increase The Business’s Operational Efficiency

Having a single source of truth for the business’s data makes for a much more efficient enterprise. However, with several on-premise servers located in real-world locations, lack of synchronization could be a concern. With a cloud-based solution, all of the organization’s data is available at all of its sites simultaneously. Additionally, insights can be generated from customer feedback, and these can be relayed to managers in real-time. From there, business leaders could formulate new plans to increase the efficiency of the business’s operations. It’s a win-win situation for the company.

The Cloud Is the Future

Whether you’re aware of it or not, the cloud will be a necessary part of many businesses going forward. With so many companies now revolving around remote workforces, the cloud is now more critical than it has ever been. Businesses that take the leap early stand to be in a much better position to experience the benefits that cloud installation will have for companies. SAP S/4HANA provides a simple way for businesses to migrate their on-premise systems to the cloud.

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