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Author's profile photo Kamlesh Zanje

Configure Multiple Integration Flows


In the SAP Cloud Integration with 3.31.x/6.7.x release, we have enhanced and simplified the feature to configure the parameters of the multiple integration flows. You can save and deploy all integration flows from a single view with minimal effort.

In this blog, I will give a short overview of this feature.

Before we deep dive into the new simplified version, let us recap the behavior of the old feature.

The old feature for configuring multiple integration flows had many constraints.

  1. Supported only for SOAP and IDOC Adapters.
  2. Adapter versions supported were 1.0 & 1.1.
  3. Fields supported were Authentication and Address.
  4. Targeted for specific use case, for an example, consider a scenario in which all the integration flows connect to the same instance of SAP ERP.

Due to these constraints, there was a limited usage of this feature and hence we decided to improve and simplify this feature, so it can cater all the possible scenarios.

New and Improved Multiple Integration Flow Configuration 

This feature offers a capability where you can configure multiple integration flows. It allows you to enter the configuration details in the mass configuration view. Using the embedded configure view, you need to configure the integration flows one by one. You can save and deploy all the configured integration flows in one click which minimizes efforts.

Below is a sample screenshot highlighting these enhancements

Select integration flows and click “Configure” from the Action menu.Image 1: Multiple Integration flows selected for configurations.

New mass configuration view is in the form of artifact details page. In the artifact page, you will notice list of integration flows. In the details page, we have embedded configuration view which will open for the selected integration flow.Image 2: Mass configuration view

You can switch to other integration flow and can configure the values of externalized parameters.Image 3: ‘More’ section of selected integration flow


Image 4: ‘Receiver’ section of selected integration flow

You can deploy all integration flow after configurations

Image 5:  Deploy all integration flows

You will notice toast message for integration flows triggered for deployment and message after successful deployment of integrations flows.Image 6: Message for the integration flows triggered for deployment

Image 7: Message after successful deployment of integration flows.


Let us understand how the error handing has been simplified.

Below is a sample screenshot highlighting these enhancements.

On Save and Deploy, if there are any errors in the configured fields, you will notice a detailed validation messages in a dialog. You will also notice a red indicator referring to the respective integration flow after you close the validation message dialog.

Image 1: Validation message dialog on click of Save All or Deploy All


Image 2: Red indicator and marker to show the errors.

Value Proposition

  1. Consistency – Uniform user experience very similar to configuration of single integration flow. No addition learning and experience required.
  2. Reduction in time – Number of clicks will be drastically reduced for configuring multiple integration flows.
  3. Reusability – Reuse of the configured value of parameter across integration flows. You can copy the desired configured value and reuse across integration flows.


Hope this feature shall be usable and useful for you which will ease your job to configure multiple integration flows from a common view.

Looking forward your feedback on this.

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      Author's profile photo Ivo Vermeer
      Ivo Vermeer

      Hi Kamlesh Zanje ,


      That’s a great feature! Is there a way for me to try it out in my trial subscription? That is now on version 6.6.17.

      And is there support for a single paramater used by multiple flows? For instance, If I want to deploy four flows that all connect to the same SuccessFactors instance, can I set the value for that paramater once for all flows? Of course assuming that I have named the externalized parameter the same in al four flows.

      Author's profile photo Kamlesh Zanje
      Kamlesh Zanje
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Ivo,

      Thanks for the positive response. You have to wait for the factory update across DCs which shall commence from 5th December onwards.

      There is no support for a single externalized parameter update across multiple integration flows for the parameter name which is same.

      However this can be achieved by coping the desired configured value and reuse across integration flows through back and forth where the connection details are same.