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Author's profile photo Albert Molnar

QM Open Note – #7 – QM Migration Objects and Function Modules

QM Open Note

QM Open Note is a blog post series about topics, which can be useful when working with Quality Management.


Current blog post is about the existing migration objects in QM area and their reference to the used function modules to migrate the data.

In detail

For all ‘Available Migration Objects’, check SAP Help at:

‘Part 1: SAP S/4HANA migration cockpit – Migrating data using staging tables and methods for populating the staging tables’)

Release and component information for QM objects:

Migration Object Technical Migration Object Name First Delivered with Cloud Release…
[SAP Help link]

First Delivered with On-Premise Release…


QM – Inspection method SIF_INSP_METHOD 1702 1709
Material Inspection Type (QMAT)
Material inspection setup (new name in 1811)
SIF_INSP_TYPE 1705 1709
QM – Master inspection characteristic SIF_MSTR_CHAR 1702 1709
QM – Inspection plan (deprecated) SIF_INSP_PLAN 1702 / will be removed in 2008 1709
QM – Inspection plan SIF_INSP_PLAN_2 2002 2020
QM/PM – Catalog code group/code SIF_QM_CATALOG 1709
QM – Selected set SIF_SELECTED_SET 1702 1709
QM – Selected set code SIF_SELSET_CODE 1702 1709
QM – Certificate profile incl. assignment SIF_CERT_PROFILE 1911 n/a
QM – Quality info record SIF_QM_QINF 1911 n/a

Relevant function modules:

Migration Object Used Function Module (BAPI / API) Application Component
Material Inspection Type (QMAT)
Material inspection setup (new name in 1811)
QM – Master inspection characteristic BAPI_QPMK_SAVEREPLICA QM-PT-BD-ICH
QM – Inspection plan (deprecated) BAPI_INSPECTIONPLAN_CREATE QM-PT-IP
QM/PM – Catalog code group/code BAPI_QPGR_SAVEREPLICA QM-PT-BD-CAT
QM – Certificate profile incl. assignment QM_CERT_PROFILE_MIG QM-CA-MD
QM – Quality info record A_QualityInProcurement
[Behaviour Definition (RAP/BO)]

Known problem & solution

The SAP S/4HANA Data Migration content (migration templates and predefined mapping rules) is based on the pre-configured SAP S/4HANA Cloud business processes.

Therefore, it might comes to bottlenecks when using the transaction LTMC / LTMOM in On-Premise systems, as the Cloud product is a newly developed solution and not a copy of the On-Premise functions.

For more details read following KBAs:

  • 2515151 – SAP S/4HANA Migration Cockpit: Migration objects or fields which you want to migrate cannot be found
  • 2683477 – Why are fields on screens not available in the migration content? (SAP S/4HANA Migration Cockpit)

In specific circumstances there is the possibility to extend the pre-delivered migration templates with LTMOM, see KBA:
2576565 – SAP S/4HANA Data Migration – On Premise

However, the modified object falls outside of the scope of SAP Support. See also SAP Note:
2481235 – SAP S/4HANA Migration Cockpit (on premise) – restrictions and extensibility of pre-delivered migration objects

Last, but not least, to influence SAP Software Development, check the possibilities in SAP Note:
11 – Would you like to shape & influence future releases of SAP Products?

Feel free to share your experience/feedback in the Comment Section. Thank you.

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      Author's profile photo Yi Ding
      Yi Ding

      Hello Albert

      Does SAP plan to create the migration object for QM notification ?

      BR Ding Yi


      Author's profile photo Albert Molnar
      Albert Molnar
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Ding Yi,

      short answer is, no.

      QM only deals with master data transfer in the frame of the Migration Cockpit. The possible relation of quality notification to other objects is way to complex (orders, batches, classification, inspection lots, and so on) and there can be also issues with the difference in number range configuration between systems. These are just some examples why developers decided not to support migration for transactional/business data in the QM area.

      Nevertheless, if you consider creating quality notifications with specific attributes in a system, I can suggest to test BAPI BAPI_QUALNOT_CREATE.


      Have a nice day,


      Author's profile photo Yi Ding
      Yi Ding

      Hello Albert

      Thank you for the information ! I am exactly trying with the BAPI BAPI_QUALNOT_CREATE to create my own migration object.


      Ding Yi