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How to assign a team to a concurrent base license


This blog is to address a Product limitation with respect to Concurrent based role assignment to a team using the UI for SAP Analytics Cloud(SAC)

Concurrent Session License gives you a set number of user sessions. The license can be assigned to many users, but the number of simultaneous user sessions cannot exceed the number purchased. This makes it very cost effective and reusable.



Business Intelligence User (Concurrent Session) License should be a part of package. This can be checked from “Main Menu > System > Monitor”.





Although SAP Analytics Cloud comes with a very efficient UI still there is always room for improvement. Assigning Concurrent base role directly to an individual user is straight forward, refer image(#1)


1. Assign Concurrent base role to individual user


But when it comes to assigning Concurrent base role to a Team is not something available with UI.


2. License available when adding a User/Team to a role.

Reference to above screen grab(#2), When select “User License” allows both individual User as well as Teams to be added to the role but in case of “Concurrent Session License” – Only Individual Users can be added to the role.



  1. Go to User administration from “Main Menu > Security > Users”.
  2. Export the user list to CSV.
  3. Remove users who should directly be assigned to a role or who you don’t want to assign to concurrent license.
  4. Remove all columns from the CSV, except USER_NAME and IS_CONCURRENT.
  5. Set IS_CONCURRENT value to 1 in CSV.
  6. Import CSV back in the Security > Users
  7. Click on Create Mapping to map source to target
  8. Choose User ID against USER_NAME and Is user concurrent against IS_CONCURRENT.
  9. Select Import.
  10. This should change License to Concurrent for imported users.



You may find License changed to Concurrent – Business Intelligence under Licenses in user management page.


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The observations that I am sharing in my blog posts and the information I am presenting are collected in a careful manner from the SAP Knowledge base. However, solution suggested is subject to supported version since the platform is being updated time to time. Information provided in this article is not official guidelines from SAP. Refer SAP Knowledge base for official guidelines.

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