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Exploring Schedule apps for Preliminary Billing Document

Preliminary Billing Documents serve as an intermediary reference billing document before creating the final billing document. It is similar to a standard billing document and it is mostly used for negotiation before final settlement.

We also have a scheduling app available for creating and finalizing preliminary billing documents. This app will allow you to schedule the creation process for several preliminary documents in the background. You could also reduce processing time by scheduling the creation when system usage time is low.

Once you have the preliminary billing documents created and finalized, with the latest release, you can also schedule the creation of billing documents from preliminary billing documents. Please find below steps to schedule creation of Preliminary billing document using ‘Schedule Creation of Preliminary Billing Documents’ App,

Step 1: Open the app. Click on Create button to schedule a new job.

Step 2: Choose the default job template and provide a job name. Click on Step 2 button.

Step 3: In Scheduling Options, choose Start Immediately. If you wish to schedule it in a specific pattern, click on ‘Define Recurrence Pattern’ to define the mode to be daily/weekly/monthly. Click on Step 3 button.

Step 4: Provide the required parameters like from and to Billing dates. You could also schedule creation of Preliminary billing documents based on any of the parameters provided below. Also, you could choose to finalize all the created documents by selecting the ‘Finalize Created Documents’ check box. Click on Check button to see if there are any issues and then click on ‘Schedule’.

Once the job has been completed, click on the log icon to check the job execution status.

Under Log Details, you can check the created preliminary billing documents number.

Similarly, once you have a list of Preliminary billing documents created, you can schedule the creation of billing documents from them by making use of the ‘Schedule Billing Creation for Preliminary Billing Documents. You could follow the same steps as mentioned above and make changes to parameters to suit your need.

Please do share with us you experience of scheduling with these apps!


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