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Email Notification for Credit Memo Request Workflow

In this blog, I’ll be illustrating the different email templates for credit memo request approval processing. Email template has been enhanced for the following cases:

a) Email notification for requesting approver to approve document

b) Email notification for reminding approver to approve document when the deadline for the credit memo request workflow has been reached

c) Email notification to the requestor each time the document workflow has been released, rejected and reworked

To check the available templates, navigate to app ‘Maintain Email Templates’ with Administrator role. The following templates will be available in the Predelivered option for Credit Memo Request workflow. You have to copy them and make custom templates as needed.

Predelivered template Custom Template ID
SD_SLS_CMR_DEADLINE_EMAIL_TMPL Any custom ID you like (no longer than 26 characters)

Once you have the custom templates ready, you can navigate to Manage Sales Documents Workflow app to define workflow condition for Credit Memo Request approval. Also, make sure to provide time constraints to receive approval reminder emails.

Now, when a sales rep creates a credit memo request, an email notification would be sent to the approver. In case, the approver doesn’t take any action, a reminder email will also be sent.

Hope this blog would help you in configuring Email notification for your workflows!

For more information please refer here


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