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What’s new in Partner Determination configuration in CE2011

  • In Partner Determination SSCUI, the name of the first step has been changed from ‘Set Up Partner Determination for Customer Master’ to ‘Set Up Partner Determination for Customer and Supplier Master’. This is because Define Partner Role SSCUI will be deprecated and relevant configuration will be done here.

  • Click Configure to enter the first step, there is a suffix (Cust) added to the first two dialogs. Since supplier related partner functions can be maintained here, this indicates the first two dialogs are specific for customer master.

  • In Partner Functions view, you may have noticed two things. The first one is only four partner types (‘LI’ ‘KU’ ‘AP’ ‘PE’) can be entered. The second one is that the four partner types correspond to four Error Groups (’08’ ‘07’ ‘06’ ‘09’) which will be automatically determined.

  • Cloud 2011 henceforth the determine logic is removed (OP remains intact). Change partner types won’t affect error groups.

*To change error groups/incompleteness procedures, use Assign Incompleteness Procedures to Partner Functions instead

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