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SAP Learning Hub, Event Edition for SAP TechEd in 2020 – Guide

Exclusive SAP TechEd Offering to Boost your Career

For successful digital transformations, companies must have skilled personnel—according to the World Economic Forum, “significant upskilling and reskilling” will be required for upwards of 54 percent of all employees by 2022.

This year’s free and virtual SAP TechEd, on December 8 and 9, is a 48-hour non-stop event to upskill your future. You can select from hundreds of expert sessions to gain insights on cutting-edge technologies and SAP solutions for developers, solution architects, and other professionals.

As an SAP TechEd attendee, you can also benefit from a free access to the SAP Learning Hub, event edition which is available from Dec 1st 2020 until March 31st 2021.

For the first time at an SAP TechEd event, end-to-end Learning Journeys will include complementary enablement content and courses to prepare for an SAP Global Certification exam.

What’s in for you:

Continuously learn before and after the virtual event

  • Explore the SAP TechEd Learning Room to deep dive into session topics complementary to the event. In addition, you can collaborate, exchange and network with SAP experts and other attendees.
  • Find hundreds of learning offerings across the SAP TechEd topics and profit from content tailored to the SAP TechEd tracks
  • Join live sessions per SAP TechEd track, hosted by SAP experts

Deepen and validate your SAP solution skills

  • Get enabled with tailored Learning Journeys to prepare for SAP Global Certification in:
    • SAP Cloud Platform Integration
    • SAP Cloud Platform Enterprise Extensions
    • ABAP Programming for SAP HANA
    • SAPUI5 and SAP Fiori applications
  • Take advantage of our exclusive certification offer until Dec 31st, 2020

Build and validate your expertise and become a trusted expert and benefit from a SAP TechEd specific two certification exam attempts offer (CER002) at an attractive price. Apply the campaign code to gain the reduction.

  • For those who aim to have their expertise validated in several technology areas or decide to purchase exam attempts after Dec 31st can make use of the regular six certification exam attempts (CER006).

To boost your career is as easy as 1,2,3:

  1. Sign up for free for SAP TechEd
  2. Accept the invitation email to the for free SAP Learning Hub, event edition (send after December 1st)
  3. Login to SAP Learning Hub, event edition with your SAP ID you registered for SAP  TechEd

Don’t lose time and start your learning already today, prior to the event, and get up to speed on the SAP TechEd focus topics based on your needs. Get the right knowledge and skills and drive your career growth!

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  • Thanks Ulrich Klingels for sharing this.

    Can you confirm the access type of Learning Hub. Will it cover any of the existing EGI?
    How about self paced learning content. Will it cover other topics (like BW4HANA and SAC)?


    • Hi Debjit,

      the SAP Learning Hub event edition comprise all TechEd Tracks and provides complementary learning material along these tracks. The TechEd Learning Room is the part of the SAP Learning Hub event edition an provides a dedicated section for the Analytic track. Here you find a Learning Journey for Analytics which provides learning assets for SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP BW/4HANA.

      As a TechEd attendee you get free access form Dec. 1st to Mar. 31st.

      Don’t miss the opportunity.



  • Hi,


    I am already registered for TechEd.

    I just want to confirm that will we be getting access to all the certification and modules to practice?

    If yes, can we attempt a certification as well during this time period?





    • HI Zeeshan,

      Access will be provided for learning hub wherein you can learn the skills needed to qualify for the certification exams.

      SAP certification is never free 🙂




    • Hi Zeshan,

      thank you for your interest in the certification option.

      As a TechEd attendee you will have access form Dec. 1st until Mar.31st 2021. Which includes hundreds of learning offerings across the SAP TechEd topics and also for 4 Learning Journeys the learning material to prepare for certification.
      If you like to get certified you will get a special certification offer (starting Dec 1st). You will benefit from an attractive price for 2 SAP Global Certification exam attempts. The offer is limited and available on a first come, first serve bases. Offering valid from Dec 1st to Dec 31st, 2020.

      Good to know, the 2 SAP Global Certification exam attempts are valid for 12 months upon purchasing date.









  • Hello Ulrich - Nice to see the information - Does the certification offer will be sent to all email id's who registered for TechEd? Not sure which timezone that's released, normally it expires sooner than anyone from US login.

  • I am trying to purchase the CER002 with Campaign code. It brings the discount but the total amount being payed is much higher (almost 2.5x of the Total to Pay amount). Is there anything i am doing wrong?




  • Hi,

    This is what I see when I try to book this certification code:

    CER002 - SAP Global Certification (2 attempts)
    Price:$597.00 (USD)
    Discount:$-334.32 (USD)
    Sub-total: $262.68 (USD)

    I get a discount after applying the code, but why should we pay such higher amount for just two certification attempts?

    CER006 costs $597.. so why is the cost of CER002 the same?


    Any clarifications please.





  • I am trying to find the learning content for S/4 HANA to write the TS452 exam. Where should I look? Is there a discount code for the CER006 exams after Jan 1, 2021? Thank you

    • Hi Diana Kirkwood,

      There is a dedicated Learning Journey available.

      SAP S/4HANA - Sourcing and Procurement  This link is pointing you to the public version.

      However to access the content you have to join the class room sessions or you will need to subscribe to one of the following SAP Learning Hub editions:

      • Professional Edition
      • Business Edition ("Start with an overview" content only)
      • Edition for Procurement and Networks
      • Enhanced Student Edition

      Best regards



      • Hi,

        Thanks so much Ulrich. I have done this one already... just hoping to get the ebooks and sample certification questions to practice with. I have done all the questions they provided. Just need more...

    • Hi Meduturu Mastan Vali,

      In some countries e.g. India the authorized amount is the amount that is reserved on your credit card, e.g. 51,606.12 INR. For technical/local governance reasons it is higher than the actual charged amount.
      You are only charged the reduced price + tax.



  • Hello Mr.Ulrich Klingels,

    My understanding on CER002 has exclusive offer for the TechEd 2020 attendees and purchased before Dec31, 2020.

    Like CER006 subscription, CER002 certification also offers 12 months timeframe to prepare and appear for global certification(2 attempts).

    Could you confirm on this CER002 please?


    • Hi Lakshmi Raj A,

      To support you to build and validate your expertise and become a trusted expert with one of the four Learning Journeys you can benefit from a SAP TechEd specific two exam attempts offer for SAP Global Certification (CER002) at an attractive price when applying the promotion code (e.g. 220€ in Euro zone in Europe). This offer is available from December 1st – 31st, 2020.

      CER002 (2 SAP Global Certification exam attempts) are valid for 12 months upon purchasing date.

      Hope this clarify all.



  • /
    • Hi Arindam Sur,

      To support you to build and validate your expertise and become a trusted expert with one of the four Learning Journeys you can benefit from an SAP TechEd specific two exam attempts offer for SAP Global Certification (CER002). You can use these two attempts for any other of the available SAP Global Certification exams, too.

      The campaign code you will find in the SAP Learning Hub event edition.

      Sorry that you had the error, this was based on the big amount of people who logged into the  SAP Learning Hub after the SAP TechEd keynote. Please try it again - I'm quite sure it will work now.



  • Thanks Ulrich Klingels, that’s really a very good offer , I check it out and I see that I can get the CER0002 for almost 60% off .
    One question though : it’s 2 attempts even if taken for 2 different certifications ? example: E_HANAAW and C_CPI_13 ?

    Thanks and regard

  • Ulrich Klingels I understood that the 4 Learning Jouneys are for free and available until March, 31st. I just checked the journey “SAP Cloud Platform Enterprise Extensions”. I see that some of the modules of this Learning Journey (e.g. BTPT1, openSAP) are already closed and have to be reactivated. The reactivation has to be purchased and paid via the SAP store. Is it right that these modules cost money?