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Author's profile photo Sheldon Edelstein

SAP Credit Management in S/4HANA (2020 release)

This blog provides an update on Credit Management capabilities based upon the S/4HANA 2020 release.

Basic Overviews of SAP Credit Management

The following blogs provide excellent overviews of SAP Credit Management:

SAP Credit management: Functional overview

SAP Credit Management in S/4HANA

SAP Credit Management in S/4HANA (1909)


SAP Credit Management in S/4HANA

Overview of the features of Credit Management in S/4HANA from a functional perspective:

New features for SAP S/4HANA 2020 Credit Management

  1. New Fiori App Manage Credit Accounts (new app) – provides a 360° view on credit management related information of a customer.  Manage Credit Accounts performs many of the functions in the existing GUI transaction UKM_BP,  but also provides new features such as an “overdue grid” that provides visibility of the customer’s credit exposure using predefined time series (0-30 days, 31-60 days, etc.).   For an overview of Manage Credit Accounts capabilities,  please see the following:

    • Search for business partners, for example, by country or credit group.

    • Navigate to the global credit data for your business partner.

    • Edit credit data, recalculate the scoring and trigger the update of configured follow-on events.

    • View the credit profile for information about scoring, risk class, and rules for credit management.

    • View an overview of credit segments in which the business partner exists.

    • Find information about blocked sales orders and navigate to the related sales orders.

    • Display all open credit limit requests in the global credit data and on segment level.

    • Display credit insurances and collaterals entered for the business partner.

    • Display negative credit events.

    • Display check exceptions.

    • Navigate into each credit segment to see the data maintained for each segment.

    • Find details about the credit limit, credit exposure, and account control on credit segment level.

    • See the amounts of overdue sales documents per period in an overdue grid.

    • See the credit analyst responsible for the segment.

    • See the payment behavior with key dates related to dunning, last payment, and oldest open item.

    • Find key figures for DSO, cash discounts, and sales of the last 12 months.

    • Add notes on global credit data level or on credit segment level.

    • For more information:

  1. Two new Fiori apps provide alternatives for two key SAP GUI list displays:

a) Display Credit Exposure (new app)

b) Display Credit Account Data (new app)

  1. Additional Information “UKM_ADDINFOS_DISPLAY” (new transaction code)

  1. Check Configuration of Documented Credit Decisions (new customizing activity )

  1. Delete Credit Management Data (new app)

  1. Rebuild Credit Management Data (new app)

  1. Three SAP Analytics Cloud “Stories” for SAP Analytics Cloud provides you with analysis of your live data in SAP S/4HANA.

Relevant SAP Best Practices scope item here: Receivable Management Content Configuration with SAP Analytics Cloud (4CQ).

    • SAP Credit Management Reporting

      • Worklist format

      • Focus on exceptions

      • Highly flexible SAC configuration

    • Based upon the SAC story: SAP__FI_ANA_CREDIT

    • SAP Collections Management

      • Based upon the SAC story: SAP__FI_ANA_COLLECTION

    •  SAP Dispute Management

      • Based upon the SAC story: SAP__FI_ANA_DISPUTE

 For more information:


For a list of all new Credit Management features available in S/4HANA 2020,  please see:  (see section “Basic Credit Management”)


SAP Cloud for Credit Integration


An additional option for credit integration is the SAP Cloud for Credit Integration application service.  SAP S/4HANA Cloud for credit integration allows you to use external credit risk information in order to make better credit decisions and to automate the monitoring of your customers’ credit risk.

SAP S/⁠4HANA Cloud for credit integration extracts information from credit reports that are provided by the credit agencies and automatically updates the following organizational and credit data into your SAP Credit Management system:

  • Rating for a business partner provided by the credit agency

  • Legal form

  • Business partner identification number

  • Industry code

  • Date founded

As a result, in SAP Credit Management, your internal credit scoring is automatically recalculated according to your settings in Customizing. The business partner’s risk class and credit limit can be recalculated. This automated and simplified process enables the credit controller to take faster credit decisions based on the most recent data.

Connect to the world’s leading credit bureaus

Seamless integration of credit risk evaluation and reports delivered by credit agencies

More than 14 credit agencies already available.

Overview of SAP S/⁠4HANA Cloud for Credit Integration:


New features for SAP S/⁠4HANA Cloud for Credit Integration 2020:

  • Request investigations

  • New credit products:

    • Cyber Risk Report (CYBERRISKREPORT)

    • Extended-Check Report (EXTENDED-CHECKREPORT)

    • Compliance Check Report (COMPLIANCECHECKREPORT)

    • Due Diligence Field Visit (DUEDILIGENCEFIELDVISIT)

    • Credit Report with Planned Revision (CREDITREPORTPR)

    • Extended-Check Report with Planned Revision (EXTENDED-CHECKREPORTPR)

    • Slim Report with Planned Revision (SLIMREPORTPR)

  • For more information on SAP Cloud for Credit Integration 2020 new features:


This blog identified the major changes in Credit Management functionality in the S/4HANA 2020 release. Let me know what you think of this blog or if you have ideas for other blogs that are needed.

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      Author's profile photo Steffen Mallwitz
      Steffen Mallwitz

      Hello Sheldon,

      very nice, thanks. Some screen shots of the the new apps would ne nice. Or a direct link to the Fiori Apps Library would be convenient, too. Just saying.

      Are there any news regarding customer extensibility? In 1809/1909 you have to go through many tricks in order to transfer information from the sales order to any custom credit checks. Have the signatures of the Credit Management BADI interfaces been improved?



      Author's profile photo Sheldon Edelstein
      Sheldon Edelstein
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Steffen -

      Added a few screenshots as suggested.

      I checked my notes from Development's handover and reviewed the updated 2020 product details but could not find any mention of extensibility changes, No mention of any changes to the Credit Management BADI interfaces either.  FYI - a good resource to locate what is new/changed/no longer available in any release is SAP's "S/4HANA What's New Viewer" -



      Author's profile photo venu gopal
      venu gopal

      Good information by Sheldon Edelstein

      Author's profile photo Alexander Malezky
      Alexander Malezky

      Hello Sheldon,

      thank you for the great overview. Do you know if there any information if the fiori App "Credit Management Reporting" will be also  for 2021 On-Premise Release or is it only for SAC?

      Thank you.

      Best Regards,

      Alex Malezky

      Author's profile photo Adi Mogilevsky
      Adi Mogilevsky

      How does the new Credit Management app works with Sales for Projects ( integration with Project Management System) which has deliveries from Projects and not from Sales Orders?

      How do we conduct the Delivery Credit Block on Deliveries from Projects?

      Author's profile photo Nelson Tovar
      Nelson Tovar

      Hello Sheldon:

      In the previous version of FSCM there was transaction F.35, now in the new version FSCM there is not a single transaction where all the information of F.35 is available. There is an App in Fiori that can view all the information on F.35.

      Thanks for your help

      Best Regards,

      Nelson D. Tovar



      Author's profile photo Emoke Suto
      Emoke Suto

      ​Hi Nelson,
      T​he F.35 (Credit Master Sheet) does only reflect the data from the Classic Credit Management and has no connection to the FSCM.
      ​The UKM_BP is the main transaction for the FSCM Credit Management.
      ​But of course, you can e.g. also use the UKM_BP_DISPLAY report to get a list view for a lot of data in the FSCM Credit Management.

      Author's profile photo Abdullah Galal
      Abdullah Galal

      Thanks a lot for sharing this!

      I have a question, we only have the basic license but I can see that we can define formulas to calculate the score and credit limit, how is that different from the Credit Rules Engine?

      Author's profile photo Azizul Ikram
      Azizul Ikram

      Hi Sheldon, when we use UKM_BP_DISPLAY in gui, whenever we click directly on the BP number and it does not directly jumps into the specific BP screen with the BP details?

      Right now, there are few steps in between before we can reach to that specific BP.

      Appreciate your suggestion, maybe use a specific auth object, parameter, etc?

      Thank you Sheldon!

      Author's profile photo Vladimir Secerov
      Vladimir Secerov



      Can we use Fiori App to set and remove Credit Management Block?


      Blocked by Credit Management

      Credit account is locked in Credit Management.