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SAP Predictive Maintenance & Service (PdMS) becomes Predictive Asset Insights with the 2011 release

We are pleased to announce that SAP Predictive Maintenance and Service (PdMS) is renamed SAP Predictive Asset Insights with the 2011 release.

This change reflects the evolution of SAP’s approach to predictive maintenance and condition monitoring as we bring machine learning (ML) and engineering simulations based on digital twin technologies in an integrated fashion in a single product for the first time.   This convergence of ML and engineering simulations brings extraordinary innovation opportunities; for example, one of our customers is now piloting a use case where engineering simulations results are used as additional inputs (along with IOT sensor data) to machine learning models to help gain greater insights to the asset health.

These digital twin-based capabilities were previously available exclusively to Predictive Engineering Insights enabled by ANSYS (PEI).  PEI has been replaced by Enterprise Product Development and its engineering simulations capabilities also became part of Predictive Asset Insights.

In addition to the engineering simulations capabilities, this 2011 release also provides several new and exciting features including the following:

  • Live embedded SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) analytics: please see more details here.
  • Support of customer managed IOT timer series storage on Azure: please see more details here.
  • Failure curve analytics: Determine asset remaining useful life (RUL) using Weibull analysis and EAM records without requiring historical IOT data: more details here.

You can read about the complete list of the 2011 enhancements here.


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