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Clean ABAP – The book: From inner source, to open source to publishing a Book

Hi colleagues,

In late 2018 Florian Hoffmann and I started an internal repository about best practices for maintainable and readable ABAP Code. Through info sessions with many hundreds of participants, intense discussions, and great contributions, SAP colleagues helped turn this into a treasure trove for modern ABAPers. In May 2019 we published Clean ABAP as open source project. The feedback from customer, partners, the SAP internal community and even board members was amazing. Leading to the demand to make a book out of it. Since Florian and I couldn’t afford the time investment necessary to write a complete book, we asked the Engineering Ecosystem community for support and Rodrigo Jordão, Michel Martin, Anagha Ravinarayan and Kai Westerholz became part of the crew. Now, after some dedicated effort to make it more pleasant to read, provide more motivation and an extra chapter on how to implement clean code practices as an individual, team or organization. We are happy to announce that the book on clean ABAP will be available soon.

A special thanks to the Governance, Risk, and Compliance teams who kickstarted the Clean ABAP initiative. And thanks to the huge community around this project, which made this possible!!!

Thanks and Regards,


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  • Thanks for the work you and your colleagues do! Clean ABAP helped me to take another step forward. I am sure some of the other community members and developer colleagues feel the same way.

    And that's exactly what we need: ABAP has developed rapidly in recent years. The sensible use of all the possibilities is not trivial. Orientation such as that provided by Clean ABAP is more than welcome.

  • Thanks for one of the greatest initiatives in the ABAP world in recent times.

    Now the only challenge that remains is to get all of SAP to use these guidelines.

    • Wow! Thanks! The last chapters offers some ideas for implementing clean code or other engineering practices as an individual, team or organization.

  • I have used the Git Repository for a year now with my team and we all learned a lot from it... now trying to get the book to have it at hand also when not online.


    Thanks a lot for that great guidelines, best practices, etc.