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Author's profile photo Ari Schapira

Referenced Documents are All Around

This blog post is part of a series called “Tip of the Week”.

Transactions, records, steps in a process, activities, actions… doesn’t matter how you refer to it – it’s there, and if you run a business you know that keeping track is one of the keys to success. This is probably one of the reasons for investing in smart filing and searching methods…

Although SAP Business One supports various business processes and enables you to flexibly define yours, there are cases where you need to refer documents to one another even if they are not deriving from a defined flow. For that purpose you may use the “Referenced Documents” feature that is enhanced to support also Incoming and Outgoing Payments, Inventory Revaluation, Inventory Counting, and Inventory Posting:

As enabled in other documents, you can use this functionality to refer various documents and transactions including external documents to the given documents. If relevant, you can narrow down the variety of the available documents by selecting the option “Only Reference Business Partner on Main Document”.

Available in SAP Business One 10.0 FP 2008 and SAP Business One 10.0 FP 2008, version for SAP HANA.

I hope you found this information helpful and as always, I’m looking forward to your feedback in the comments section below. If you do have questions about SAP Business One, feel free to ask them here in SAP Community Q&A. This tip and all other tips can be found in the tag tipoftheweek. To receive notifications about new related blog posts, please follow my profile and change your settings in your profile. Also, check out our SAP Business One Community page with lots of helpful links and resources.

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      Author's profile photo Ahmedabad Support
      Ahmedabad Support

      Hi Ari Schapira,

      What is the purpose of Ref. Amount column in Document Refer By Tab ?

      Thanks in advance,

      Samir Gandhi


      Author's profile photo Maya Shiff
      Maya Shiff

      hi Ahmedabad Support ,

      Thank you for your comment.

      The column Ref. Amount is used for additional information related to tax reporting in certain countries.

      If this is irrelevant to your company, you can simply hide it via "Form Settings" window.



      Author's profile photo Jing Dian Wong
      Jing Dian Wong

      Hi Ari Schapira,

      I tick the checkbox “Only Reference Business Partner on Main Document” and it look no different with the result untick it, Could you provide some example on this?

      Author's profile photo Maya Shiff
      Maya Shiff

      Hi Jing Dian Wong ,

      could you please tell which SAP Business One version do you use?

      Thanks and regards,


      Author's profile photo Rafael Hernandes Ogeda
      Rafael Hernandes Ogeda

      Good morning guys!

      Question about ServiceLayer: we are sending the DocumentReferences/AccessKey field in an Add CreditNotes request to ServiceLayer, but despite the success of the request, it is not recording the RIN21.AccessKey field. Writes other fields including RIN21.RefAccKey, but does not write RIN21.AccessKey.



      Request of Add CreditNotes



      Response of Add CreditNotes

      Does anyone know if it doesn't record due to some SAP Rule, or could it be a limitation of the ServiceLayer?


      Author's profile photo ANKIT CHAUHAN

      Hi Rafael Hernandes Ogeda,

      I quickly checked it in the DEMO database on FP2305 for Brazil localization.

      In SAP Business One client, AccessKey column is enabled only when Transaction Type is External Document.

      Refer to this link for more information:

      Kind regards,


      SAP Business One Support