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Integration Explained – Kronos Workforce Software with Employee Central and Employee Central Payroll

With the Go to cloud Strategy the Employee Central Customer that is looking for implementation of stringent Positive time Management scenarios to manage the workforce with Shifts has opted strongly for Kronos.

The product that this blog focuses on is Kronos integration in a Cloud Human Experience Management solution.

A customer who is using Kronos with employee central and employee central payroll will need the HR data Integration to work seamlessly and this article throws light to the deepest level on the integration topic.


System Architecture

Above diagram explains how Kronos communicate with Employee Central and Payroll system using ECC. Each link between different system is explained in details in the links provided below.

This blog is for those who wants to run positive time management in shifts using Kronos.

Typically customer’s Landscape would look similar to above where customer is using following SAP products.

  1. Employee Central
  2. Employee Central Payroll
  3. Kronos


Employee Central being the HR system. The entry of Employee data will start from EC where an HR executive will perform employee life cycle actions from hiring to separation.

Kronos receives the employee data using the SAP cloud platform from Employee central as shown in above diagram through a flat .csv file.

The integration is delivered out of box and and it uses SFTP, SFAPI and IDOC protocols for complete data transfer.

The data Krono receives is related to employee master, Employment and Job and compensation.

Details around integration touchpoints.

SAP Kronos Workforce Central to SCP.

SCP to Payroll

Time Data Replication (Kronos -> SFTP)

Employee Central to SCP

To check field level specification of the data please Click Here.

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  • Barin-


    Great Blog!  A couple of points I might recommend:

    1. Can you retitle “Kronos Workforce Central” instead of “Workforce Software” since “Workforce Software is a separate company?
    2. You might also make clear that Workforce Central is the on-premise version of Kronos.  Workforce Dimensions would behave differently.