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Getting ready – Advent of Code 2020

Advent of Code is a yearly virtual event taking place in December. Every day features new programming exercises, which can be solved in your programming language of choice.

Just like Nabheet Madan suggested last year, let’s do this in ABAP!


Advent of Code


ABAP Template

I will be sharing my solutions on GitHub, in preparation I’ve made a template which can be used:

Click “Use this template” to clone all the code to your own repository.



To avoid name clashes, there is an option to automagically rename all objects in the repository(including code references), first adjust the rename settings in abaplint.json,



And run:

npm install && npm run rename


Additional Features


As preparation I did a few of the first exercises from last year, see


When the event starts, feel free to share links to your GitHub repositories in the comments below 🙂

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  • Very nice! Thank you!

    Would you mind if I do the same but for another project:


    Let’s do task in ABAP.

    Moreover for project euler sometimes it is needed to do task ABAP+ C/C++/Python which are on the Linux machine. It is interesting but sometimes is not applicable for production use.


    as for renaming: seems really interesting. Thank you!
    does that mean that I could upload from gitHub solution with different namespace? Is there vice a versa naming?

    • Feel free to use it for whatever 🙂

      Renaming, yea, and vice versa, the rename rules are regex based, but takes care of references to some extend, currently it works somewhat for CLAS and INTF. Just copy the files to your local PC and then run the renaming.