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Customer course UX100 (SAP Fiori – Foundation) available for SAP S/4HANA 1909

Now that I finished the course development of the UX100 (again), I thought it is time to summarize all the new and updated topics in a central place. With everyone going virtual in our days including our customer courses, I decided that a blog post here would be a good way to share this to a broad technically experienced audience.  So welcome to my first blog post about the customer training UX100 (SAP Fiori – Foundation).

Note: If you just followed the link, you should make sure that SAP Fiori 3 is selected as the release of the solution. Depending on your country, it may happen that the new version is not yet available or even in parallel to the previous version for SAP Fiori 2.0.


Starting in 2016, this is now the fourth incarnation of the introduction to SAP Fiori for on-premise. Back then it was a 3-day course about design, architecture, configuration, and integration of SAP Fiori. As fast as the topic grew, it got an additional day in each release now lasting 5 days. Wait a minute – you say that 3+3 equals 6? Yes correct, but unfortunately a week only has 5 working days. The solution is a well filled last chapter called appendix – topics still valid but no longer focused by SAP. The standard setup of the UX100 does not teach the appendix. But if customers are interested, they can order a customer specific version of the course including these topics.

The units in the current version are the following:

  1. End-User Perspective
  2. Technology
  3. Architecture
  4. Configuration
  5. Content Administration
  6. Adaptation
  7. Mobility
  8. Integration
  9. Further Information
  10. Appendix

I will not go into detail for every unit. I just want to highlight the new or enhanced parts. Feel free to ask for more details for example in the SAP Community Q&A platform.

System Landscape

Let’s start with the biggest change: SAP S/4HANA 1909 FPS02. Yes, I know, that doesn’t sound spectacular now that SAP S/4HANA 2020 is available. But first this is not a normal year, and second the release of the system landscape for customer classroom trainings is always a bid behind the newest one available. Our system landscape – we call it universal target – is used in nearly all our technology courses and offers full access for the participants from the SAP Fiori launchpad in the browser down to SAP HANA on the SUSE Linux Enterprise server. Everything is set up following the newest guidelines of SAP so that it can really act as a template for customers.


UX100 System Landscape (Screenshot from System Setup Guide)

I am a fan of our universal target, not only because I participate in building it. It is so robust and flexible in its usage possibilities, a complete contrast to the many specialized training environments meant just for one purpose – which is also fine. It is the result of the full-blown knowledge of all technology trainers in SAP Training and Adoption.

With the availability of the UX100 running on SAP S/4HANA 1909, that does also mean that you can book the training landscape as SAP Live Access and experience and experiment with the exercises on your own.

SAP Fiori 3

Available with SAP S/4HANA 1909, SAP Fiori 3 is used throughout the whole course. All screenshots, demos, and exercises show the newest version of SAP Fiori including new features like the SAP Conversational AI. In my opinion, SAP Fiori is running in the right direction.


SAP Fiori 3 Launchpad (Screenshot from UX100)

Please remember that SAP Fiori 3 is shipped in a stepwise approach. I must admit that the sections and pages are not available in SAP S/4HANA 1909. Please read the blog post of Thomas Reiss for the newest parts of SAP Fiori 3:
Major next steps of SAP Fiori 3 available for SAP S/4HANA on-premise – spaces, central entry point, and more

SAP Business Application Studio

A kind of revolution took place this year around developing SAPUI5. With SAP Business Application Studio (BAS) and SAP Fiori tools a whole new way to develop SAPUI5 and especially SAP Fiori apps was introduced. The UX100 now provides an overview about all ways how to develop SAP Fiori apps including three (simple) exercises.


Development Options for SAPUI5 Apps (Screenshot from UX100)

For more information about BAS please read the blog post of Keren Rotenberg:
The Value of SAP Business Application Studio

SAP Fiori Development

Developing in SAP S/4HANA is evolving rapidly. As always, the UX100 gives an overview without demanding deeper prior knowledge. That does now include the ABAP Programming Model for SAP Fiori as well as the ABAP RESTful Application Programming Model (RAP). I created own repository elements for the demonstrations and exercises in the UX100.


Runtime Implemention Types (Screenshot from UX100)

This new lesson provides four (simple) exercises around ABAP CDS Views, OData services, both programming models, and SAP Fiori elements. For more information especially around RAP please read the blog post of Carine Tchoutouo Djomo:
Getting Started with the ABAP RESTful Application Programming Model (RAP)

Content Management

Content management is a new unit and therefore the biggest new block in the training material. It covers the topics rapid activation for SAP Fiori, basic roles for SAP Fiori, user-onboarding, and configuring and troubleshooting SAP Fiori launchpad. I always listen to the wishes of my participants and read their feedback. This unit is a result out of this and there is more to come.


Generate SAP Fiori Foundation Roles (Screenshot from UX100)

Although having four exercises in this unit of the UX100, I can just demonstrate how rapid activation works without an exercise, because the system landscape is already fully set up. That you can actually do yourself in the UX200 (SAP Fiori – Administration).  For more information without visiting a course, please read the blog post of Jocelyn Dart:
SAP Fiori for SAP S/4HANA – New Rapid Content Activation on SAP S/4HANA 2020, 1909, 1809 & 1709 – Part 1 – Overview


SAP Fiori on mobile devices was always part of the UX100 and of course evolved over time. But in this version, I changed half of the slides and created several new ones. The new topics are SAP Mobile Cards and Mobile Development Kit and how they fit with SAP Fiori. For each topic I created a new exercise providing QR-codes for testing both on mobile devices.


Mobile Application Types (Screenshot from UX100)

Special thanks goes to Sami Lechner, Sandeep TDS, and Jitendra Kansal for supporting me in a hot phase of the course development. Please check out their blog posts.

SAP Cloud Platform Cloud Foundry

Finally, I replaced SAP Cloud Platform Neo by Cloud Foundry. The first lesson shows services around SAP Fiori and how to connect them to on-premise via Cloud Connector. The second lesson shows the SAP Cloud Platform Launchpad as the new central SAP Fiori launchpad.


Add Subaccount to Cloud Connector (Screenshot from UX100)

For more details about the SAP Cloud Platform Launchpad, please read the blog post of Thomas Hensel:
Boost user productivity and simplify access to business apps with SAP Cloud Platform Launchpad


If you have read so far, it seems that you are really thinking about attending the course. Don’t hesitate and check out the physical and virtual events we offer:

Remember that you can also book the training landscape and do the exercises on your own. The training material is available in the SAP Learning Hub, which can be bundled with SAP Live Access:

For any other questions around the offerings of SAP Training and Adoption, please jump to our community page and get in contact with us:

I hope even if you won’t attend the UX100 in any kind, you found some useful information or references around SAP Fiori in this blog post.

Happy learning


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      Author's profile photo Naga Prakash Timmaraju
      Naga Prakash Timmaraju

      Great Blog! Could you please share the SAP Learning Hub link

      Author's profile photo Stefan Fell
      Stefan Fell
      Blog Post Author

      Thank you. The direct link to the SAP Learning Hub is straight forward

      Author's profile photo Winters Rang
      Winters Rang

      Great content, thanks for sharing!

      Author's profile photo Abdul Hakim
      Abdul Hakim

      Whether SAP Live Access is still available for this course (UX100). When i search i could not find anything.

      Author's profile photo Stefan Fell
      Stefan Fell
      Blog Post Author

      The UX100 just got updated. So we are in the process of moving from the old to the new landscape for SAP Live Access. Seems that someone pulled the plug too early for the old one, sorry.