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Boost your Analytics at SAP TechEd 2020 – all digital, all global

There is this one event, I’m eagerly waiting for each year. And although, we are already preparing to move into 2021, there is still one thing, you shouldn’t miss: SAP TechEd 2020. Check out this blog to find out why you should join the event and how this will bring your Analytics to the next level!

You don’t need all the details and just want to sign up for the event of year (that is free by the way)? Then click here and save your spot today!

Table of contents

  1. Why should I attend SAP TechEd 2020?
  2. Analytics at SAP TechEd 2020
    1. Essentials for SAP Analytics Cloud
    2. Business planning with SAP solutions
    3. Development and integration
    4. Connect Your Enterprise Through Collaborative Enterprise Planning
    5. Data warehouse cloud essentials
    6. Hybrid data warehousing
  3. How to register and further information


1. Why should I attend SAP TechEd?

This question was never really an issue. SAP TechEd is THE event to upskill yourself and get all the details about SAP’s latest innovations and developments. On top of that, you can experience our solutions in workshop sessions and directly get in touch with experts from SAP to discuss your questions.

But that’s not everything. SAP TechEd 2020 will be a whole new format: all digital, all global, all free. It doesn’t make a difference where you are on the planet: just sign up, save your spot and participate in the event. No costs charged and no travel needed. Learning has never been easier!

Also, missing a session is no problem at all! Just watch the recordings and get back on track right away!

And before I forget – one last thing: workshops are limited. So grab your seats today!

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2. Analytics at SAP TechEd 2020

For us, learning is the most important thing at SAP TechEd 2020. This is, why we are convinced that you will not only see our latest innovations but also get the full picture of how SAP can help you to push further the boundaries of your current Analytics landscape.

We prepared various formats for you to consume the content you need and spend the time you have. Find below a selection of formats:

  • Strategy Talks: the ideal way to kick off SAP TechEd. Join our leaders and hear more about their vision on Analytics and the way forward.
  • Lectures: spend up to 40 minutes to get an introduction to a topic and see all the details
  • Breakouts: in up to 20 minutes, you will get the idea of a concept or feature
  • Road Maps: do you want to be prepared for the future? Then check our Road Map sessions and see our latest plans and innovations
  • Expert Q&A: this time is for you exclusively. Connect with our experts and ask your questions!
  • Workshop: time to get hands-on! Block your calendar for two exciting and insightful hours and get the most direct product experience possible!

If you want to see all Analytics sessions at a glance, click here and view our session catalog!

Take a look at the video below in which I present you all the highlights of the Analytics track at SAP TechEd 2020.

Do you want more details? Then check out our subtracks below and pick the content which interests you the most!

Every chapter will carry links to the respective session catalog and subtrack overview. This way, you can easily add sessions to your personal agenda.

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2.1. Essentials for SAP Analytics Cloud

Learn all about the innovative and cloud-based SAP Analytics Cloud. You will learn more about our analytics strategy, current offerings, and future road-map.

This track features our cutting-edge cloud-based portfolio around SAP Analytics Cloud as well as information and strategies for our on-premise customer base. So if you are new to Analytics or you want to cover the full picture, this is your subtrack to be!

Click here to view all sessions and add them to your agenda!

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2.2. Business planning with SAP solutions

Planning is business-critical and requires reliable solutions. See how SAP solutions can help you establish a fully functional and cloud-based planning workflow.

Well, it’s very fortunate that SAP offers a broad portfolio of solutions to get your Planning workflows done. And this subtrack is exactly the place where you will find all the details about them.

Click here to view all sessions and add them to your agenda!

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2.3. Development and integration

Analytics is more than just looking at data. Learn how to develop your own analytic application, embed analytics into other applications, and fully leverage the integration of the SAP Data Warehouse Cloud with SAP Analytics Cloud.

So if you are interested in scripting or developing and adding your very personal flavour to your Analytics, then this subtrack is a must-go for you.

Click here to view all sessions and add them to your agenda!

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2.4. Data warehouse cloud essentials

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud is an end-to-end warehouse in the cloud that combines data management processes with advanced analytics. In this subtrack you can get an end-to-end product experience, from data access through data modeling, business modeling, and consumption.

This is definitely a no-miss! Our latest product in the data warehousing space is full of new features and innovations and will revolutionize your perception of data warehousing.

Click here to view all sessions and add them to your agenda!

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2.5. Hybrid data warehousing

The SAP Data Warehouse strategy spans across on-premises (SAP BW/4HANA, SAP HANA SQL DW) and the cloud (SAP Data Warehouse Cloud). In this subtrack you get an overview how you combine the on-premises and cloud world in hybrid scenarios.

Bringing together existing and new things is never easy. However, after attending our sessions, you will think different and realize that the combination of both can easily lead you to the future of data warehousing.

Click here to view all sessions and add them to your agenda!

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3. How to register and further information

Are you ready for SAP TechEd 2020? Well, I’m too so I can only encourage you to go to our homepage today and register right away.

Also, don’t forget to plan your visit by checking out the following links. Explore the session catalog and follow our social media channels to get the most current updates.

Do you have any additional questions or want to leave some feedback? Just drop a comment or feel free to reach out to me!

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