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SAP TechEd 2020: iOS @ SAP lineup

SAP TechEd – Tune in for tech talk. Stay for inspiration. Upskill your future.
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SAP TechEd 2020 is virtual and free and therefore the perfect opportunity o sharpen your skills and give your knowledge a tune-up in enterprise mobile development powered by SAP.

I am super excited for my first TechEd as a speaker so please join me and my colleague Stan for a workshop to get a deep dive into modern iOS development with SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS.

And please make sure to check out all the other great, OS relevant sessions.

Session ID Title Abstract Type Speaker
PAR161 Modern iOS with SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS

Dive into SAP’s iOS developer ecosystem and see the latest developments and news for SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS.

Get hands-on with iOS 14 widgets, understand the new API key authentication pattern with SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services for Cloud Foundry, and learn about the latest SAP Fiori addition, generic floorplans.

Explore SAP’s SwiftUI strategy and the future direction of our developer experience with SwiftUI, Combine, and MVVM architecture through the open source community.

Workshop Stan Stadelman and Marco Eidinger
DEV120 SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS: State of the Platform

Join our iOS community and learn about upcoming and latest in-depth updates from development and commercialization leads.

Hear how SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS is moving to open-source delivery, migrating to SwiftUI, supporting iOS 14 widgets, and providing crash report analytics.

Also, find out about the latest Fast Start packages and the opportunities for SAP partners to deliver SAP applications for Apple devices.

Lecture Stan Stadelman
PT100 Success with iOS

Hear from developers who have adopted the best practices for transforming their business using the SAP Cloud Platform iOS SDK.

Explore the benefits of the Apple and SAP partnership and learn how to get started with your first project.

Talk Lisa Brown and Special Guests
DEV107 SAP’s UX Mobile Strategy Realized with SAP Cloud Platform

Enjoy the same ease of use and convenience using your enterprise software that you experience with your personal mobile apps. Get the latest on SAP’s mobile strategy.

We will show you how to bring data from SAP S/4HANA and the Intelligent Enterprise to mobile devices leveraging SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS, SAP Cloud Platform SDK for Android, and the mobile development kit to provide user-focused mobile apps.

Lecture Sami Lechner and Thorsten Stephan
DEV117 Build Cross-Platform Mobile Solutions for iOS and Android

During this breakout session, we will build a cross-platform application using the Mobile Development kit from SAP.

If you want, you will be able to see the results of the session on your own device.

Breakout Jitendra Kansal


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  • thanks Marco, unfortunately some of them are already full, I don't know why virtual sessions could be  considered as full ? Never had this problem with other conferences like WWDC or Google Summit ...

    do you know if they will be recorded for possible replay?


    • Hi Alex,

      I don't know why virtual sessions are labeled as full 🙁 and right now I also don't know if all sessions will be recorded for possible replay.

      In case the sessions "SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS: State of the Platform" and "Modern iOS with SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS" will not be available for replay then the plan is that the team will provide alternative publication (youtube video or blog posts) for the content shared in those sessions.

      Hope this helps

      Kind regards,

  • Stan and I are talking to the organization team. If you want to join please leave a comment and we'll try to see what can be done. Cross your fingers!

    • Right now, it doesn't look like we will be able to accommodate additional seats in this workshop slot.  We'll be producing post-TechEd analogs to the content to be persistent, and available to a broader audience.



  • Where we can see again this session:

    Modern iOS with SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS [PAR161]

    I checked here but it's still not available, here: