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Author's profile photo Geeta Bhavani Valluri

How to Create Business Partner and Assign Multiple Customer Roles By Using ODATA in S4 HANA


I would like to explain about creation of the BP and assign customer roles using Class by step by step procedure.This blog Post is mainly useful for beginners.

Business Partners ( BP ) Business Partner can be created as a person, organization or a group in which we has some business interest.

The Business Partner is a cross application master record in SAP. It allows for one master record (one account number) to identify the people and/or companies with which we have some kind of business relationship. This could consist of one, or several, relationships.

Some examples of Business Partners are:

  • Customers
  • Vendors
  • Employees
  • Prospects
  • Agents
  • Borrowers
  • Multiple addresses for a single Business Partner
  • Time dependency of attributes
  • A single Business Partner as both a customer and a vendor

All the popular T codes such as XK01, MK01, XD01, FD01,etc have now become obsolete

In S/4 HANA, there is only 1 t code to create customers as well as vendors ,i.e, BP.

Maintaining with different roles in a business partner for supplier and customer.

Ideally, for a customer- it will be FLCUXX(FLCU00/FLCU01)

As below: FLCU00 will be accounting and FLCU01 will be sales.

About O Data: This service is used for build the services through URI in XML format.It is the back end development system for getting the data from SAP.It accesses through Restful API.

I need to create business partner with customer role in S/4 HANA use the class CL_MD_BP_MAINTAIN ,

Method CL_MD_BP_MAINTAIN=>VALIDATE_SINGLE is used to validate the data.

If data is validated then method CL_MD_BP_MAINTAIN=>MAINTAIN is called to create the BP.

Please follow the below steps  to create BP and assign customer roles.

Step: 1 Go to SEGW T-code and create new project.

 Click on Create button .The Popup will open.

Step:2 Give the ‘Project name’ and ‘Description’ ‘Package’ and click on Continue.













Step:3 Right click on Data Model ->create->Entity Type

Step: 4 Give the Entity type name and check Create Default Entity set and click on ‘Continue’.

Step: 5 Now Create properties for the above Entity Type and must Select the key for your structure .

Step:6  Click on ‘Generate runtime objects‘ button and the message shows generated successfully as below.

Note: we can see the created entity type and entity set.


Step:7.Now Goto Service implementation and right click on ‘Get entity(Read).

Note:We can create order only after getting the data through set.

Step: 8.Click on methods–>inherited–>Redefine and write the logic.

it’s time for Some Coding. implemented GET_ENTITY


er_entity-partner = ' '.
er_entity-category = '2'.
er_entity-grouping = 'BP01'.
er_entity-customer = ' '.
er_entity-role    = 'FLCU01'.
er_entity-name1 = 'Airtel'.
er_entity-street = 'ABCDEFGH'.
er_entity-postl_cod1 = '123456'.
er_entity-city = 'XYZ'.
er_entity-country = 'IN'.
er_entity-region = 'TG'.
er_entity-langu = 'EN'.
er_entity-telephone = '1234567890'.
er_entity-fax = '1589568956'.
er_entity-email = ''.
er_entity-customerrole = 'FLCU00'.
er_entity-salesorg = 'ZTM1'.
er_entity-distribution = 'TM'.
er_entity-division = 'TM'.
er_entity-currency = 'USD'.
er_entity-inco1 = 'CIF'.
er_entity-inco2 = 'Costs,Insurance&Freight'.
er_entity-tax = '1'.
er_entity-taxcategory = 'IN2'.
er_entity-taxnumber = '12345678956'.
er_entity-companycode = '6000'.
er_entity-recaccount = '0000031020'.
er_entity-payterm = '0001'.


Step: 9 Follow the same steps to Create entity.


Step: 10 Redefine the function and write the Logic for Create entity.




************************Data Declarations**************************
DATA:  ls_payload TYPE zcl_z_business_partner_mpc=>ts_bp_details,
ls_return_map TYPE mdg_bs_bp_msgmap_t,
lt_data       TYPE cvis_ei_extern_t,
lt_return     TYPE bapiretm,
ls_return     TYPE bapireti,
ls_retmsg     TYPE LINE OF bapiretct,
lv_text       TYPE string,
lt_errors     TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF bapiret2,
ls_errors     TYPE bapiret2,
ls_data_new   TYPE REF TO data.

DATA: ls_data     LIKE LINE OF lt_data,
ls_role     TYPE bus_ei_bupa_roles,
ls_relation TYPE burs_ei_extern,
ls_company  TYPE cmds_ei_company,
ls_addr     TYPE bus_ei_bupa_address,
lt_phone    TYPE bus_ei_bupa_telephone_t,
lt_fax      TYPE bus_ei_bupa_fax_t,
lt_email    TYPE bus_ei_bupa_smtp_t,
lt_tax      TYPE bus_ei_bupa_taxnumber_t,
lt_tax1     TYPE cmds_ei_tax_ind_t.

DATA: lv_guid    TYPE guid_32,
lv_pguid   TYPE but000-partner_guid,
lv_partner LIKE ls_data-partner-header-object_instance-bpartner.

DATA: lt_role_cat     TYPE fsbp_tb003a_tty,
lt_cvi_role_cat TYPE cvis_role_category_t,
ls_cvi_role_cat TYPE cvis_role_category.

DATA: ls_functions_st    TYPE cmds_ei_functions,
ls_functions_t     TYPE cmds_ei_functions_t,
ls_functions       TYPE cmds_ei_cmd_functions,
ls_sales_data_st   TYPE cmds_ei_sales,
ls_sales_data      TYPE cmds_ei_cmd_sales,
ls_customer        TYPE cmds_ei_extern,
ls_customers       TYPE cmds_ei_main,
ls_company_code_st TYPE cmds_ei_company,
ls_company_code    TYPE cmds_ei_cmd_company.

io_data_provider->read_entry_data( IMPORTING es_data = ls_payload ).

CALL METHOD cl_system_uuid=>if_system_uuid_static~create_uuid_c32
uuid = lv_guid.

******************************Create customer**********************
ls_data-partner-header-object_task = 'I'.
ls_data-partner-header-object_instance-bpartnerguid = lv_guid.

***************** Partner / Central data / common *****************
ls_data-partner-central_data-common-data-bp_control-category = ls_payload-category. "3group "2 Organization
ls_data-partner-central_data-common-data-bp_control-grouping = ls_payload-grouping. "Grouping
ls_data-partner-central_data-common-data-bp_organization-name1 = ls_payload-name1.
ls_data-partner-central_data-common-datax-bp_organization-name1 = abap_true.

*****************Partner / Central data / Address *****************
***-------------------Telephone number--------------------------***
<ls_phone>-contact-task = 'I'.
<ls_phone>-contact-data-telephone = ls_payload-telephone.
<ls_phone>-contact-data-country  = 'IN'.
<ls_phone>-contact-data-countryiso = '40'.
<ls_phone>-contact-data-r_3_user = ' '.
<ls_phone>-contact-data-consnumber = '001'.

<ls_phone>-contact-datax-country = abap_true.
<ls_phone>-contact-datax-telephone = abap_true.
<ls_phone>-contact-datax-countryiso = abap_true.
<ls_phone>-contact-datax-r_3_user = abap_true.
<ls_phone>-contact-datax-consnumber = abap_true.
<ls_phone>-currently_valid = abap_true.

***---------------------- fax number------------------------***
<ls_fax>-contact-task = 'I'.
<ls_fax>-contact-data-fax  = ls_payload-fax.
<ls_fax>-contact-data-country  = 'IN'.
<ls_fax>-contact-data-countryiso = '40'.
<ls_fax>-contact-data-r_3_user = 'X'.
<ls_fax>-contact-data-consnumber = '001'.

<ls_fax>-contact-datax-country = abap_true.
<ls_fax>-contact-datax-fax = abap_true.
<ls_fax>-contact-datax-countryiso = abap_true.
<ls_fax>-contact-datax-r_3_user = abap_true.
<ls_fax>-contact-datax-consnumber = abap_true.
<ls_fax>-currently_valid = abap_true.

<ls_email>-contact-task = 'I'.
<ls_email>-contact-data-e_mail = ls_payload-email.
<ls_email>-contact-data-consnumber = '001'.

<ls_email>-contact-datax-e_mail = abap_true.
<ls_email>-contact-datax-consnumber = abap_true.
<ls_email>-currently_valid = abap_true.

ls_addr-task = 'I'.
ls_addr-data_key-operation = 'XXDFLT'.
ls_addr-data-postal-data-city = ls_payload-city.
ls_addr-data-postal-data-postl_cod1 = ls_payload-postl_cod1.
ls_addr-data-postal-data-street = ls_payload-street.
ls_addr-data-postal-data-country = ls_payload-country.
ls_addr-data-postal-data-countryiso = '40'.
ls_addr-data-postal-data-region = ls_payload-region.
ls_addr-data-postal-data-langu = ls_payload-langu.
ls_addr-data-communication-phone-phone = lt_phone.
ls_addr-data-communication-fax-fax = lt_fax.
ls_addr-data-communication-smtp-smtp = lt_email.

ls_addr-data-postal-datax-city = abap_true.
ls_addr-data-postal-datax-postl_cod1 = abap_true.
ls_addr-data-postal-datax-street = abap_true.
ls_addr-data-postal-datax-country = abap_true.
ls_addr-data-postal-datax-countryiso = abap_true.
ls_addr-data-postal-datax-region = abap_true.
ls_addr-data-postal-datax-langu = abap_true.
ls_addr-currently_valid = abap_true.

APPEND ls_addr TO ls_data-partner-central_data-address-addresses.

<ls_tax>-task = 'I'.
<ls_tax>-data_key-taxtype = ls_payload-taxcategory. "'IN2'.
<ls_tax>-data_key-taxnumxl = ls_payload-taxnumber.  "'12345678956'.

ls_data-partner-central_data-taxnumber-taxnumbers = lt_tax.

********************* Partner / Central data / role****************
ls_role-task = 'I'.
ls_role-data_key = 'FLCU01'.
ls_role-data-rolecategory = ls_payload-role.  "'FLCU01'.
ls_role-data-valid_from = sy-datum.
ls_role-data-valid_to = '99991231'.
ls_role-currently_valid = abap_true.

ls_role-datax-valid_from = abap_true.
ls_role-datax-valid_to = abap_true.

APPEND ls_role TO ls_data-partner-central_data-role-roles.
ls_data-partner-central_data-role-current_state = abap_true.

*********************Partner / Central data / role*****************
ls_role-task = 'I'.
ls_role-data_key = 'FLCU00'.
ls_role-data-rolecategory = ls_payload-customerrole.  "'FLCU00'.
ls_role-data-valid_from = sy-datum.
ls_role-data-valid_to = '99991231'.
ls_role-currently_valid = abap_true.

ls_role-datax-valid_from = abap_true.
ls_role-datax-valid_to = abap_true.

APPEND ls_role TO ls_data-partner-central_data-role-roles.
ls_data-partner-central_data-role-current_state = abap_true.

*******************Partner relation / header **********************
ls_relation-header-object_instance-partner1-identificationcategory = 'FLCU01'.
APPEND ls_relation TO ls_data-partner_relation.
ls_relation-header-object_task = 'I'.

******************** Customer / Company data **********************

ls_company-task = 'I'.
ls_company-data_key = ls_payload-companycode.  "'6000' . " company code
ls_company-data-akont = ls_payload-recaccount.  "'0000031020'.
ls_company-data-zterm = ls_payload-payterm.  "'0001'. " terms of payment
ls_company-datax-zterm = 'X'.

ls_company-datax-akont = abap_true.
ls_company-datax-zterm = abap_true.
APPEND ls_company TO ls_data-customer-company_data-company.

************************* Customer / Header ***********************
ls_data-customer-header-object_task = 'I'.
ls_data-ensure_create-create_customer = abap_true.

ls_cvi_role_cat-category = 'FLCU01'.
APPEND ls_cvi_role_cat TO lt_cvi_role_cat.


ls_sales_data_st-task = 'I'.
ls_sales_data_st-data_key-vkorg = ls_payload-salesorg.   "''ZTM1'.
ls_sales_data_st-data_key-vtweg = ls_payload-distribution.  "'TM'.
ls_sales_data_st-data_key-spart = ls_payload-division.  "'TM'.
ls_sales_data_st-data-waers = ls_payload-currency.  "'USD'.
ls_sales_data_st-data-inco1 = ls_payload-inco1.  "'CIF'.
ls_sales_data_st-data-inco2 = ls_payload-inco2.  "'Costs,Insurance&Freight'.
ls_sales_data_st-data-kzazu = 'X'.

ls_sales_data_st-datax-waers = abap_true.
ls_sales_data_st-datax-inco1 = abap_true.
ls_sales_data_st-datax-inco2 = abap_true.
ls_sales_data_st-datax-kzazu = abap_true.

APPEND ls_sales_data_st TO ls_sales_data-sales.
ls_data-customer-sales_data = ls_sales_data.

********************** GL Account ledger *************************
ls_company_code_st-task = 'I'.
APPEND ls_company_code_st TO ls_company_code-company.

**********************Account Group Assignemnt ******************

<fs_tax1>-task = 'I'.
<fs_tax1>-data_key-aland = 'US'.
<fs_tax1>-data_key-tatyp = 'MWST'.
<fs_tax1>-data-taxkd = ls_payload-tax.  "'1'.
<fs_tax1>-datax-taxkd = abap_true.
ls_data-customer-central_data-tax_ind-tax_ind = lt_tax1.

ls_customer-central_data-central-data-ktokd = 'CU01'.
ls_customer-header-object_instance-kunnr = ' '.
ls_customer-header-object_task = 'I'.
ls_customer-company_data = ls_company_code.
APPEND ls_customer TO ls_customers-customers.

*********************** End of sales data *************************

*****************Finally fill the main data structure**************

APPEND ls_data TO lt_data.
************************** validating BP data ********************

CALL METHOD cl_md_bp_maintain=>validate_single
i_data        = ls_data "lt_data
et_return_map = ls_return_map. "lt_return.

*****************************Creating BP **************************
IF ls_return_map IS  INITIAL.

CALL METHOD cl_md_bp_maintain=>maintain
i_data   = lt_data
e_return = lt_return.

***************************** Commit BAPI *************************
wait = 'X'.                " Use of Command `COMMIT AND WAIT`

*** *********Partner Number
SELECT partner,crdat FROM but000
INTO TABLE @DATA(lt_but000)
WHERE NAME_ORG1 = @ls_payload-name1
AND crdat = @sy-datum.
SORT lt_but000 DESCENDING BY partner.
READ TABLE lt_but000 INTO DATA(ls_but000) INDEX 1.

************To get  the Customer number
SELECT  kunnr,erdat FROM kna1
WHERE name1 =  @ls_payload-name1
AND    erdat  =  @sy-datum.
SORT lt_kna1 DESCENDING BY kunnr.
READ TABLE lt_kna1 INTO DATA(ls_kna1) INDEX 1.

IF sy-subrc = 0.
er_entity-partner =  ls_but000-partner.
er_entity-category = ls_payload-category.
er_entity-grouping = ls_payload-grouping.
IF sy-subrc = 0.
er_entity-customer =  ls_kna1-kunnr.
er_entity-role  = ls_payload-role.
er_entity-name1 = ls_payload-name1.
er_entity-street = ls_payload-street.
er_entity-postl_cod1 = ls_payload-postl_cod1.
er_entity-city = ls_payload-city.
er_entity-country = ls_payload-country.
er_entity-region = ls_payload-region.
er_entity-langu = ls_payload-langu.
er_entity-telephone = ls_payload-telephone.
er_entity-fax = ls_payload-fax.
er_entity-email = ls_payload-email.
er_entity-customerrole = ls_payload-customerrole.
er_entity-salesorg = ls_payload-salesorg.
er_entity-distribution = ls_payload-distribution.
er_entity-division = ls_payload-division.
er_entity-currency = ls_payload-currency.
er_entity-inco1 = ls_payload-inco1.
er_entity-inco2 = ls_payload-inco2.
er_entity-tax = ls_payload-tax.
er_entity-taxcategory = ls_payload-taxcategory.
er_entity-taxnumber = ls_payload-taxnumber.
er_entity-companycode = ls_payload-companycode.
er_entity-recaccount = ls_payload-recaccount.
er_entity-payterm = ls_payload-payterm.


Save and Activate the entity sets.

Step:11 Add and Maintain the service:

Go for the t-code ‘ /IWFND/MAINT_SERVICE‘ to add the service.

Click on ‘Add service‘ to add service.


Step:12  Give system name and click on ‘Get service‘ and the project will be found and select project click on ‘Add selected service‘.It will automatically maintained the service.

Step: 13  After it will shows technical service with some details and Click on Continue button.

Step: 14 Go back to maintain services and select the project and ‘Load Metadata‘ & Click on ‘Sap Gateway Client‘.

Step: 15 .It will shows the HTTP Request with Request URI and select the entity set name as below.

Step: 16 Give the Category number  for get the details by clicking on ‘Get‘ radio button in the request.

Execute the Request URI.

We will get the success message (status code:200) the Partner details will be displayed.

Click on ‘Use as Request‘ and change the data.

Step:17 After change the data click on ‘post‘ radio button for create.

Execute. The new Business Partner  number is ‘0060000520‘ created with success message

(Status code: ‘201‘) as below.


We can check the Business Partner by going T-code BP.

You can easily identify with roles, what are you dealing with:

The base role should be a business partner- 000000- In general, you need to do nothing here, it will automatically be created with other roles by default.

Let us see other roles here for customer integration:

  1. Business Partner -000000
  2. Customer- FLCUXX
    1. Customer Account
    2. Customer sales.

You can easily identify in below screen:

Customer Role FLCU01  for Sales data.

Customer Role FLCU00 for Financial Accounting.



I hope this blog Post helps to create BP and assign multiple customer roles to it.

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      Author's profile photo Niall Brennan
      Niall Brennan

      This was perfect for me. Do you know if I can create a contact and at the same time assign it directly to a pre-existing organization -or do I need to create the contact first and then in a separate step assign it?

      Author's profile photo Alina Matei
      Alina Matei

      there is one question, how is the class defined zcl_z_business_partner_mpc?

      Author's profile photo Richard Koval
      Richard Koval

      We are receiving the error 'Internal error when calling operation module BUA_CHECK_ADDRESS_VALIDITY_ALL; a check table is missing' from the method cl_md_bp_maintain=>validate_single. Has anyone else run into this and found a solution?