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Running a Businesss During a Slowdown

If there is anything that 2020 taught us, it is that anything can happen. No one could have foreseen how the year would turn out and many people were caught unaware and scrambling for ideas to save their livelihoods. 

Where some people lost their jobs or took pay cuts, others soared on the wings of opportunity and expanded their businesses or started new and profitable ventures. 

However, being in a tough position is debilitating and can render a person’s creative or entrepreneurial brain useless. That is why we put together a lift of trending business ideas for when times are tough and business is slow.

Get into blogging

If you want to make money online, then one of the easier ways to go about it is to blog. But how to start a blog is the question that deters most people from doing it, though. The best starting point is finding a niche and this is as easy as looking for the thing that you are passionate about. 

If you are passionate about something, there are bound to be others who share your sentiment. When the idea is settled, you can start building your blog and generate an income through affiliate marketing or selling items online. 

Become a freelance writer

The next on the list of best five small business ideas as on is becoming a freelance writer on a top platform like UpWork or Fiverr. With everyone on their phones and mobile devices, one would think that there is enough info that gets churned out daily. This might be true, but the quality that people long for is missing. As everyone is bombarded with sub-par writing, freelance writers are the ones who bring fresh and authentic content to the readers. 

This is one of those win-win situations where you write about what comes naturally and people pay you to do it. Thousands of writing gigs pop up on numerous freelancing sites. Once your foot is on the door, it could replace your current salary. 


Online shopping is on the rise and several massive corporations are looking for things to sell. Running a dropshipping enterprise will allow you to be the one with the connections. 

There is always a need for certain products and if you are good at sniffing out the trends, you could also be the one who sniffs out the best suppliers at the best prices. What makes this such a great field or small business is that it requires no space on your part and good communication skills. You do not even need too much money upfront. 

Sell your skills

The chances are that you have some or another skillset that sets you apart from the regular Joe. Whatever your skill, others would also like to operate at the same level as you. This is where you come in. Designing a course and selling your knowledge is a great way to make money. 

People are hungry for courses that mean something and they are willing to pay top dollar for a quality product that is guaranteed to give them a boost and up their skill. The great thing about selling courses is that you immediately have an international audience. 

Social media manager

Although it might be hard for some people to understand, not everyone is fluent in social media. Many people are intimidated by the complexity of it all and decide not to engage therein and expand their business. If you are a digital native, social media is in your blood and second nature to your daily activities. 

Putting this skill to work is a great way to earn money. What better way is there to earn an income than to use what comes naturally to you and uplifting someone else in the process. 


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