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Sharing Objects across Spaces in SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

In the update latest version of SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, a new feature has been added: Sharing Objects across Spaces, which allows users to share objects across SAP Data Warehouse Cloud Spaces.

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud – (Example) Sharing Objects across Spaces

This allows us to use data from another spaces without replicating the data physically in both spaces. To show this functionality is working we are going to use an example of sales data.

This system is composed of three elements

  • Two spaces:
    • one space with our main data
    • a second space to combine the shared data with our data from the second space
  • A shared object (view / table)
  • A view to use the shared object


Share an Object from a Space

You need an Object (Table or View) with the data you want to use in another space. With the Buttons in the menu of the Object you can share the object with another space.


Share Button in Menu-Panel in the table

Select the space, in which you want to use the data, for sharing the object.


Share the table with another Space


Build a view in the second Space

Switch to the second space and create a new SQL View. Now you can see the shared object in the Repository in the Category “Shared Objects”. You can use the shared object and combine it in a view, like in the code example)


View with combination of objects from different spaces


This post is based on tests on the latest beta version of SAP Data Warehouse Cloud. This functionality may or may not be included in the final version of the product.

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      Author's profile photo Karen Avendano
      Karen Avendano

      In DWC cloud can you switch data source table changes without damaging the created views?

      Example1: I have a sales view which all the tables point to the S / 4HANA connection on-premise development and then I need these tables equal to bridge to the S74HANA connection on-prime qas. You can make the change or touch create from new the views connected to new source?

      Example 2: I have a sales view which all the tables point to the S / 4HANA connection on-premise development and then I need these tables to be connected to HANA on-prime, taking into account that the table structure is exactly the same. Can the change be made in an easy way without damaging the view or touching create another view connected to this new data source?