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SAP Analytics Cloud, add-in for MS Office – Switching to new domain

News – Update on technical configuration: Switching to new domain

This is important information for all SAP Analytics Cloud, add-in for MS Office customers. If you are a business user, please get in touch with an administrator of your Microsoft Office environment and make her/him aware of this!

Current set-up

SAP Analytics Cloud, add-in for MS Office is configured to use a default domain that can be used without any configuration: all SAP Analytics Cloud tenants on are currently working out of the box. (Background: The Microsoft add-in technology allows to redirect only in one domain – for security reasons.)

If you have a tenant on a different domain (e.g.,, you will need to configure the tenant according to the documentation. Note that this configuration is done via a Microsoft Powershell solution that requires a central deployment of the add-in – and this, in turn, requires Exchange Online.

What will change?

SAP has decided to switch the default domain for the add-in to


As of Dec 8, 2020. There might be a slight delay of a few days due to dependency with the Microsoft store.


Going forward, new tenants will be on SAP wants to make sure that all these new tenants will work with low configuration effort.

What does it mean for you?

If you are already on a tenant on, no change, you can simply continue. Note: As the tenant configuration would not be necessary anymore, you could revert it – but you don’t have to do it.

If you are on a tenant on, you will need to configure the tenant after this date. Typically this is straightforward, if you meet the prerequisites (in particular: Exchange Online, see above). If you are not on Exchange Online and do not plan to migrate on a short notice, please contact as soon as possible to make sure your tenant is still available after the migration.

For all other domains outside and, there will be no change – the tenant configuration is and stays mandatory.

Important for all customers

All customers should make sure the new landing page on is defined in the trusted origins. See the documentation how to define trusted origins. If it does not yet appear in the trusted origins list, please add the entry: (overall, 4 entries are currently necessary to run the add-in – you can (but do not have to) delete


If you intend to change your deployment from store deployment (i.e., every user can choose the add-in individually from the store) to central deployment (i.e., the admin distributes the add-in centrally to a group of users), be aware of the following technical limitation:

Microsoft currently treats the deployment types (store vs central) as different add-ins. Your workbooks can only be used by the add-in that they are created with. E.g., if you have created a workbook using a store-deployed add-in, you cannot use it with the centrally deployed add-in. In that case, you would need to re-create existing workbooks.

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  • Hi Dmitriy,

    in the transition phase we had both and as trusted origins. Now that we have changed the default domain, is not necessary anymore - and 4 settings are sufficient. I changed it in the blog ...  thanks for pointing me to it.



  • Alexander Peter

    We got such a warning (in attach) and after that we cannot correctly connect to the tenant.

    After the login window, another window appears with the login to Hana, although this was not the case before (script before choosing a model)

    If we have the version of the add-on 2021.2, and the tenant is 2021.1, this could not be the reason?

    Is domain change relevant only for CF or for Neo too?

    • Hi Aleksey,

      SAC add-in only runs on CF tenants. And the error (sorry, I do not see any attachment...) you get is a good indication it is Neo ... am I right? If so, I am afraid it won't work ...



      • /
        • The only thing I can think of: a month ago, you used Excel Online and have already been logged on to SAC (story) in a different tab ... then log on to Neo tenant might work ... but again: this is a work-around for missing identity support in Neo - but we cannot support Neo tenants ...