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Author's profile photo Jai Vignesh R

How to create an alert in SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation Cloud Factory?

Another interesting feature that was introduced in 2009 is the Alerts feature in the Agent tab. Let us see how to configure an alert in SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation Cloud Factory.

Click on the New Alert button to create a new Alert and the following dialog appears.


You could provide a name for the alert you are creating.

The events for which you could create alerts are grouped under 2 categories.

Category: Agents


Agent Deleted – This event is triggered when an agent is deleted from the SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Cloud Factory.

Connection to Agent Lost – This event triggered when the connection to the agent has been lost (e.g. due to network issues)

Connection closed by Agent – This event triggered when the connection has been closed by the agent.


Category: Distribution


No eligible agent – This event triggered when no agent is available for execution in a specific environment.


In the Email addresses input field, you can enter up to 20 recipients to these emails. When an alert is created for an event, an email is sent each time when the respective event happens.

Optionally, you could also make use of the Send Alert Until date field to specify an end date for the alert.

Once a created alert is not needed for a certain period, you could disable the alert. At the time of need, instead of creating a new alert, you could simply enable it and change the end date as required.


In order to take advantage of this feature, as a pre-requisite, you should configure a Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) server which is explained in this blog. After configuration, click the Refresh button on the Alerts section in Agent Tab.

It is also possible to download the Alert Logs by clicking on the Download Alert Logs button at the top.

Once clicked, you will be navigated to the Data section in Monitoring Tab as shown below, where you could specify the date range and download the data in a CSV file by clicking on the Download CSV button.


Very simple. 🙂 Isn’t it?

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      Author's profile photo Lars Heppner
      Lars Heppner

      Hi Jai,

      great explanation! Thanks for sharing.

      Can you give me a practical example where it is necessary or beneficial to make use of this feature?

      I already knew about the opportunity, but so far haven't seen a point of using it. May be that's because the amount of users in our project isn't very large yet and I am well in sight of who is doing what with the tool.


      Author's profile photo Jai Vignesh R
      Jai Vignesh R
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Lars,

      Thank you!

      Practical Reasons: I could highlight a few though there could be much more variety of reasons.

      1) Let us assume you are running your bots using Scheduled trigger (unattended mode) where typically the bot is executed on a server. In that case, there could be multiple reasons for the failure of bot execution out of which loss of connection to the agent due to network issues could be one of them. In that case, the admin might want to be notified.
      The admin could then have a look and monitor whether the issue is happening only for that server and might want to check the network connectivity.

      2) Let us assume that someone has deleted an agent. It might be necessary in cases where the tenant admin might want to have a look at the agent deleted as this could possibly lead to the next issue on the distribution of bot execution in the different agents in a specific environment.

      3) Let's say you have not configured any agent or have deleted an already existing agent in your environment. In that case, the admin might want to relook and configure an agent in that environment. It could also be due to the fact that many bots but less number of agents to execute on the scheduled time (have to check this though).

      Best Regards,

      Jai Vignesh R

      Author's profile photo Lars Heppner
      Lars Heppner

      Hi Jai,

      it makes totaly sense now. Thanks for the elaboration.

      Best Regards,