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How to configure mail server in SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation Cloud Factory?

In order to take advantage of the alert feature in SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation that is explained in the blog, as a pre-requisite, you should configure a Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) server.

Configuration of Mail Server in Cloud Factory is quite simple and straightforward.

Navigate to the Configuration Tab in Cloud Factory.


Step 1: Enter a Name for your server configuration and a Description (optional).

Step 2: Select a Security Method: TLS (Transport Layer Security) or SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)

Step 3: Fill the Sender Address input field with the mail address that will be used to send the alerts to the recipients.

Step 4: Fill the Host Address input field with the hostname or IP address of the mail server that will be used to send the alerts.

Step 5: Fill the Port input field with the number of the port that will be used for connecting to the SMTP Server.

Note: If you’ve chosen TLS security method, the recommended value of the port is 587. If you’ve chosen SSL security method, it’s 465.

Step 6: Check the SMTP Authentication checkbox to enable SMTP authentication. Then enter a User and a Password. This step is optional.

In order to test the configuration, click on the Send Test Mail button. A dialog box appears as shown below.

Enter the recipient email address and click on the Send Test Mail button to check if the configuration is successful. 🙂

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        • Hi Yessica,


          I tried replicating the issue with a mail ID of a different domain and I got an error like IPA_MONITORING_ALERTS_TEST_SAP_IPA_20006.

          Could you please check if the error is because of any domain configuration issues.

          Else, please raise an incident. 🙂

  • Hi Jai


    Good Day


    I tried to config i am also getting same IP Monitoring error like error like IPA_MONITORING_ALERTS_TEST_SAP_IPA_20005.

    please let me know how to fix this to get configured


    thank you

    • Hi Yassica


      What do mean security can you show me a example cause as you said every field i gave.

      but still the same error i am getting, So please help me to resolve this



      • Hi Vijay,


        With security i mean with TLS or SSL. Try with TLS. Also there are a aditional configurations in the mail, look this link:


        Another useful information, from the mail settings you must allow access to non-secure applications.

  • Hi Yassica,


    How can I  trigger smtp mail from a workflow, For example, I need to send smtp mail at the end of the workflow with an attachment file, How do we do that?

    • Hi Deeksha,

      I use this code, you have to be shure to active the sdk of outlook:

      //Resets the working mails list.
      try {
      To: "@",
      Subject: "",
      Body: ""

      ctx.log("“Microsoft Outlook” mail sent successfully.")

      } catch (err) {
      ctx.log("Sending of “Microsoft Outlook” mail in failure (" + err.description + ").");
      return e.error.KO;