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Transport management for SCPI iFlows

Cloud Transport Management for SAP Cloud Platform Integration (SCPI)

Did you create first iFlow using SAP Cloud Platform Integration and now wondering how to transfer it to PROD environment?

You are reading the right blog post!


Challenges we were facing when transporting iFlows:

  1. You have to manually download and upload zip file
  2. You have to maintain configuration with every upload
  3. Many PROD BUGs and miss-configurations, because of human errors
  4. No version management


Follow this blog post to learn how to use Cloud Transport Manager for SCPI


  1. Sign up here for for free and activate your account by clicking a link in your mailbox
  2. Log in
  3. Navigate to TAB tenants and create your DEV and TEST tenants:Create%20new%20tenant
  4. Provide your tenant URL, S-user and password
  5. When you Save new tenant – packages are loaded automaticallyTenant%20-%20packages%20detail
  6. Navigate to TAB staging and create new staging: TEST to PROD (Package based)Create%20new%20staging
  7. Save
  8. Open your staging and see the list of your iFlows (with information about versions and currently deployed version):Staging%20detail
  9. Select the iFlow you want to transport and click on transport.
  10. Now, you have to maintain PROD configuration:Configuration%20Detail
  11. When you click to transport, your iFlow is transported to PROD environment and ready to be deployed
  12. Deploy your iFlow in PROD environment by clicking on button Deploy


And in the same way, you can transport, configure and deploy your new versions or other iFlows.


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