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SAP HANA Spatial Resources – RELOADED

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(last updated: 2021-04-08)



Almost exactly 3 years back my colleague Sharon Om had the fantastic idea to publish a blog post gathering all relevant online resources around Spatial Solutions from SAP. In the meantime the globe kept spinning and new functionalities and resources became available. Thus, this blog post is meant to continue the tradition and provide some useful resources specifically for SAP HANA Spatial (i.e. HANA’s processing engine for spatial vector data). I will keep this post up-to-date based on the latest material. Additionally, you may check the corresponding community tags for SAP HANA Spatial.

In case you need a system for evaluating the spatial capabilities of SAP HANA, the quickest way to get started is a free trial instance of SAP HANA Cloud. The spatial engine comes out of the box and is ready for usage without further configuration.

Overview & Business Value

Spatial Processing Basics

Spatial Data Science

Esri Integration

Open Source Integration

Multi-model Processing

Real-life Examples


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