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SAP GUI for Java 7.70

Update: In the meantime, the final version is available.


Hello SAP GUI for Java users,

In addition to bug fixes, the quarterly updates of SAP GUI for Java 7.50 have been including many improvements like support for new OS versions, the switch to OpenJDK, support for Java 11, the inclusion of the Java runtime in the installer and just recently a new component for rendering PDF content.

Doing all this as part of updates ensured the fastest possible adoption, which was critical in particular in the case of OpenJDK to address the new license of the Oracle JDK.

All these changes were smooth and non-disruptive and therefore possible in a maintenance release.

Now, some necessary changes are on the way, that are disruptive. So a new major release is required.

The upcoming SAP GUI for Java 7.70 will require Java 11 as a minimum. This results in dropping support for all 32-bit environments, since SapMachine only supports 64-bit platforms. Also Java 11 does not provide a Java plug-in for browsers required for running Java applets in the browser. Therefore SAP GUI for Java 7.70 will not be able to run embedded in a browser.

But, this new release is not only for dropping anachronistic environments and functionality, but also for introducing new features.

  • Themes
    • Quartz: Quartz Light, Quartz Dark as well as the High Contrast Black (HCB) and High Contrast White (HCW) versions provide a Fiori-like user experience. While Quartz Light can be considered the successor of Belize, Quartz Dark is the first theme for working in low light environments.
      The new Quartz HCB replaces the old High Contrast theme based on Signature Design for users with visual impairment. Users who need a high contrast theme but are not glared by a bright background also can use the new HCW theme. This theme is also helpful for working in bright environments like outdoor.Quartz%20HCW%20and%20HCB%20on%20Windows%20with%20classic%20DPI
    • Belize: The previous Fiori theme is included as well.
    • SAP GUI for Java keeps the classic screen metrics and window layout for compatibility reasons.
    • The outdated themes Corbu and the original High Contrast theme based on Signature Design have been removed.
  • High Resolution Icons
    • When using one of the new themes, for session windows and all local dialogs the icons are displayed with high resolution to support HiDPI displays.
  • Installer
    • In addition to the jar based installers, new installers with a native launcher stub are available, which no longer need a preinstalled Java runtime.
  • Keyboard navigation:
    • Keyboard navigation has been reviewed, some controls not having keyboard support before have been made accessible using the keyboard.
  • Focus Visualization:
    • Now also the dotted focus can display an animated focus change.
    • The visualization of the focus in high contrast themes has been improved.
  • Preferences Dialog
    • The preferences dialog has been modernised for the new themes.
  • Documentation:
    • The manual has been reviewed and is available on the SAP Help Portal.
    • A new document for keyboard access with a description for each UI element has been added.

The release of SAP GUI for Java 7.70 is planned for spring 2021 (aka “fiori” season).

As outlined in the other post, there will be a beta program for early adopters.

Best regards,

Rolf-Martin Wörsinger
Product Owner SAP GUI for Java

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    • Christoff, did you have any luck installing Big Sur? Seems like MacOs users might either have to wait a while to upgrade to Big Sur or depend on Boot Camp for Windows SAP GUI Access.


      • Dear Jose


        yes installed and running on Big Sur. Bit of a workaround if you had 7.5 on.

        Clean machine and install Catalina. install sap and upgrade back to Big Sur





  • Hello,

    The first note is about 7.70. Use 2511185 (for 7.50) instead.

    Which JDK are you using for installation and what exactly is the error? Can you run the installer from command line to get some output?

    Best regards





  • This looks really good! I hope it also solves the problems with abapGit when defining a new online repository (form value transport if I understand it correctly):

    Available soon too - I hope it will be made available (replace 7.50) in the trial downloads area!


    June 6th update: Finally got around to checking new repository definition in abapGit, and the radio button problem is fixed. Great!

  • Hi,

    I have got a problem using SAP GUI for JAVA 7.70rev1 on MacBook Pro with M1 chip. The problem occurs during the activation of a report/FM/etc.

    I have noticed that the "Check" functionality causes an operation time out - the connection is being broken and I get a message:


    ET6: Connection closed
    Error: connection to partner 'sap-saprouter:3299' broken
    Fri May 7 21:35:36 2021
    Release 753
    Component NI (network interface), version 40
    rc = -6, module
    line 5429
    Detail NiIRead: P=; L=
    System Call recv
    Error No 60
    'Operation timed out'


    Could anybody tell me how to fix this problem?

    Thanks in advance