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Extension fields in employee time sheet in Business ByDesign

In the last few years, we have had quite a few requests from customers to allow extension fields to be made available in the employee self service timesheet. The purpose varied from allowing the capture of the region that the time recording was performed (requested by many of our US customers) as well as capturing additional reportable attributes as part of work being done.

The challenge with the ESS timesheet was that the way it was designed, it was not possible to make use of the generic extensibility concepts that we have in ByD to make extension fields available.

To circumvent this technical roadblock, with the 2011 release, a few pre-delivered extension fields – are made available :

  1. Country / Region
  2. State
  3. Extension Field 1
  4. Extension Field 2

These fields are already part of the employee self service timesheet and time administration UIs such as the time file, and only need to be made visible (or renamed) by the key user (in adaptation mode) or by the employees (via personalization). These are also part of the employee data sources such as HCMTLMB07 and HCMTLMU01.


Extension fields in the employee self service time sheet


Extension fields in the employee time file in Time Administration work center


Extension fields made visible in report via Add Fields option


While the Time File and time administration timesheet continue to support the creation of extension fields via ByDesign’s regular field extensibility concepts, these customer-created extensions cannot be made visible on the employee self service timesheet.

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