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ANN: SAP GUI for Java 7.70 beta program

Update: The beta program has ended with the availability of the final version.


Hello SAP GUI for Java users,

It is time for a new major release of SAP GUI for Java (for details see here).

Besides changing Java 11 from optional to mandatory, the most relevant new features of SAP GUI for Java 7.70 are the new Fiori-based themes.

We would like to offer a beta program for early adopters in order to let you get an impression on the new release before it is officially shipped, to receive feedback and to get into a dialog with some of you. We are particularly interested in feedback using the new themes.

If you are interested in participating in the beta program you can apply for registration by creating a support message now. The message should be created on component BC-FES-JAV with the title “7.70 beta program” and you should provide

  • a contact person for the beta program with name, email address and S-User ID
  • the client OS intended to be used (in case of Linux, please specify the distribution)
  • information about which of the features mentioned in the other post you are particularly interested in

This data will exclusively be used for organising the beta program.

Please note that the number of participants is limited and thus only customers who can and will actively participate in the program should register.

Once you are chosen, you will need to sign online a test and evaluation agreement before getting access to download the beta version of SAP GUI for Java 7.70.

The first beta version is planned to be available last week of November 2020.

Best regards,

Rolf-Martin Wörsinger
Product Owner SAP GUI for Java

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  • Hello Patrick,

    I confirm that you are on our list of beta customers. We are currently testing the first beta version internally. Once completed in a few more days and no major issues are found, you all will receive the information where to download it.

    Best regards







  • Dear Rolf-Martin, Rolf-Martin Woersinger

    Is it still possible to get the SAP GUI for Java 7.70 for testing?

    I'm asking because I have an umlaute (ä, ü, ö) error when using SAP Gui for JAVA 7.50 rev12 on macOS 10.15.7 and I'm unable to customize anything using those german special characters and all transaction are looking strange when they have those characters in use.

    Thanks and appreciate your input, Max

    • Hello Max,

      This problem is not related to a SAP GUI version, it is likely related to using a wrong codepage on the client side. Please refer to note 550564 for information and the referenced documentation.

      My best guess is that a codepage is explicitly set, which should not be the case, because either it is Unicode anyway, or the codepage is selected automatically. Setting the codepage explicitly has the risk of choosing the wrong one.

      Best regards


  • Hello Ralf,


    Thanks for letting me know. I'm unable to access the note I'm getting the info that the note is being updated right now.

    The way you explain it, it seems to me that everyone using the client with a sap gui for java should have this issue isn't it? Because I check with few colleagues and I seem to be the only person having this error.


    However, is it still possible to test GUI 7.70 I'm very intersted in the new designes and testing it right now.

    Thanks a lot, Max

    • Hello Ralf,

      Note was blocked only for short time. There are typically no issues with german umlauts or other special characters when using Unicode backend or not setting a wrong codepage on client side.

      How does your connection string look like (connection properties – advanced or trace file)?

      Best regards



  • Hi Rolf-Martin,

    I would like to have a look to the test version of 7.70. And install it on a test system. Is there any possibility of a download?

    Thanks and greetings

  • The beta version is quite stable, so we can take more beta customers and I have re-opened registration. In case you are interested in taking part, please proceed like described in the blog to register.

    Best regards


  • Hello Rolf,

    Is there a fix coming up in next beta version or the GA version for SNC + MYSAPSSO2 cookie ?

    We have 2 platforms, windows running 7.60 which works fine but the Java version 7.50 latest patch does not work so we have to use non-encrypted when we do SSO with Java GUI.

    Today's test with beta2 :

    The SAP GUI for Java 7.70 beta 2 version gives “Error: SNCERR_BAD_NT_PREFIX SncPImportPrName() parsing error” for SNC enabled connections

    • Hello Jose,

      This is not related to SAP GUI for Java 7.70 and we are not aware of such a problem.

      Please create a support message on component BC-FES-JAV and describe the scenario. Also please provide trace files according to note note 683960 using both an older version of SAP GUI for Java 7.50 where it worked and SAP GUI for Java 7.50 rev 12.

      Best regards

      • Rolf,

        The shortcut generated with SNC and MYSAPSSO2 cookie has not worked ever for the Java GUI.

        It only works if we turn off SNC.

        So my question for you, why the JAVA GUI works different than the Windows GUI. I would think they should behave the same.

        I have spent 2 weeks with the OSS Message - no progress. So please just answer this single question:

        Will the JAVA GUI version will read the MYSAPSSO2 cookie when SNC is on ?



        • Hello José,

          >The shortcut generated with SNC and MYSAPSSO2 cookie has not worked ever for the Java GUI.

          Therefore it is not related to 7.70 and should not be discussed here.

          >So my question for you, why the JAVA GUI works different than the Windows GUI. I would think they should behave the same.

          Assuming that you are talking about support incident 17058, we are trying to find out which parameters are provided from outside, which parameters end up in the API to connect, what is happening then, what needs to be changed...

          Once we know what, why, etc. we can provide an answer. Unfortunately, I do not know more than the engineer currently working on the incident.

          Best regards


  • Hi Rolf,

    Our current behavior in sapgui 7.50 is described in this oss note:

    2695915 - SAP Shortcut: SNC login screen will be always shown instead of running to the defined transaction (MYSAPSSO2 token + SNC Options)

    So our expectation was that 7.70 would fix it as there was not a 7.60 version for Java.

    I will install the java beta2 version in my windows system so we can tell if issue is specific of mac.