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Trivia Contest 2.0 // Share your fun facts with us!

[Update // Dec 1st 2020] Winner Announcement!

You voted and it is official! We have our second Trivia Contest Winner. Congrats to Daniel Wroblewski. His trivia about Jacquard’s invention earned him the Trivia Winner badge!

The invention of the computer was in part inspired by another invention that at first blush has nothing to do with computing – the Jacquard loom for weaving cloth. The loom used punch cards that together represented a fabric pattern, and the holes in the card controlled hooks for manipulating individual threads. The loom was patented in 1804.
Jacquard’s invention transformed patterned cloth production, but it also represented a revolution in human-machine interaction in its use of binary code – either punched hole or no punched hole – to instruct a machine (the loom) to carry out an automated process (weaving).
The Jacquard loom is often considered a predecessor to modern computing because its interchangeable punch cards inspired the design of early computers.

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who participated and shared their trivia knowledge around SAP. Especially to our other finalists: Geff Henderson N. Chang, Peter Monaghan, and Praveer Kumar Sen.


[Update // Nov 16th 2020] Voting is now LIVE!

To vote on the SAP Community Trivia Contest winner, simply go to this community question. The finalists are listed as answers to the question. Upvote the answer you believe is the most interesting piece of Digital Transformation trivia! Voting closes on November 30th, 23:59 Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) / UTC-7.


SAP Community is a place to learn, to network with your peers, get support, and engage.
The SAP Community Trivia Contest goes into round 2! The idea behind the trivia contest is to share some trivia knowledge amongst us all and benefit from each other. The aim behind it is to learn about new things, to share some trivia knowledge amongst us all and benefit from each other

Theme for November:
For the second round, I would like to challenge your trivia knowledge around Digital Transformation in general. It does not necessarily has to be connected with SAP per se. When it comes to Digital Transformation, there is so much to learn. It can include a variety of topics, like Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics, Cloud Computing, Growth Hacking …  to just name some.

Feel free to share with us anything fun and engaging you can think of – really anything that pops up in your mind that you want other community members to know as well.

For example, you can share facts similar to:

  • Eugene, a computer designed at England’s University of Reading, was the first #AI to pass the Turing test, in 2014. Eugene was a Russian-designed AI that won because it was designed to sound like an adolescent boy. His creator’s reasoning was that “[Eugene] can claim that he knows anything, but his age also makes it perfectly reasonable that he doesn’t know everything.”
  • 81% of employees at digitally mature companies say innovation is a strength of the company, compared to just 10% of employees at early-stage digital companies.
  • The term Internet of Things is 16 years old. But the actual idea of connected devices had been around longer, at least since the 70s. Back then, the idea was often called “embedded internet” or “pervasive computing”. But the actual term “Internet of Things” was coined by Kevin Ashton in 1999. Ashton who was working in supply chain optimization for Procter&Gamble and wanted to attract senior management’s attention to a new exciting technology called RFID. Because the internet was the hottest new trend in 1999 and because it somehow made sense, he called his presentation “Internet of Things”.

How it works:
Once you came across a random piece of trivia, please email your submission (the fact) along with the link to your public SAP profile to the inbox. Please submit your trivia fact by November 15th, 23:59 Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) / UTC-7. Your community team will do the first round of judging, narrowing down to 5 finalists who have the most random, most interesting and funniest piece of trivia. We will post these 5 finalist submissions in a community Q&A entry so it is available for everyone and that everyone will have a chance to vote on the best one. You are of course also very welcome to leave a comment and engage with the author of the trivia fact.

Ta-taaa – and again, we reward the author of the highest-voted piece of trivia with a badge! The Trivia Contest Winner.

Thanks in advance for your submissions.

We’re looking forward to your Digital Transformation trivia knowledge!

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      Author's profile photo Peter Monaghan
      Peter Monaghan

      How are you making out with receiving questions? I am having a difficult time finding trivia that I feel worthy enough of a SAP trivia contest.

      Author's profile photo Lena Stodal
      Lena Stodal
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Peter - Thanks for reaching out! It seems that the previous theme "SAP in general" was a bit easier to find trivia on, but what would a contest be without a little challenge, right?
      Please feel free to submit any fact(s) that you find interesting yourself that you had a moment of Ah hah for instance and/or would just like to share with others.
      Looking forward to your mail in our inbox! 🙂

      Author's profile photo Peter Monaghan
      Peter Monaghan

      Congrats Daniel! 🙂