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Fast change in Purchase order


So many SAP users don’t know fast change option in ME21N and ME22N. SAP given fast change option to enter new data or change old data for all line items or selected line items in Purchase order. We can see fast change button just below item overview. This functionality can help users maintain required data quickly and saves user time.


Maintain new data in ME21N.

Select required line items and click on fast change button.

Select fiends for which you want to enter data, click on show selected fields (Ctrl + F8) and click on copy. Fields are selected only for example.

Enter your data and click on execute.

Change existing data.

Select line items for which you want to change data and click on fast change button. select delivery date for example.

Enter data, select reset check box and click on execute.

Now data changed.

Change data for all line items.

Keep courser on tax code field and click on fast change button.

Enter tax code, select all items radio button and execute.

SAP Note

2124015– Fast Change: fields that can/cannot be changed in ME21N and ME22N.


Now you can change or enter new data with the help of fast change functionality and can save your time and effort.

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