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Braindumps and Cheat Sheets | 100% Free Blogpost about SAP HANA exams

Get Certified!

In this blog post series you will find commentary, suggestions, backgrounds, suggested further readings and other information related to my latest book SAP HANA 2.0 Certification Guide: Technology Associate Exam, published by SAP Press.

For the blog posts about the SAP HANA 2.0 SPS 05 exams, see

For the post about the SAP PRESS Certification Success Guide, see

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Easy Come, Easy Go

Ever searched for (SAP HANA) braindumps? You are not the only one. Google just got me over 2 million results in a little under 1 second.

What’s wrong with a little bit of cheating, you may ask? Apparently even pilots do it, and dentists.

Free Lunch

We like to gamble (a lot), take a chance, some easy money, and get rich quick.

Yet, according to Economics Nobel Laureate, Milton Friedman, there is no such thing as a free lunch.

For those not familiar with the practice, once-upon-a-time free lunches were offered at bars when you ordered a drink; the meal being so salty, you probably would order a few drinks more.

You don’t have to be lucky to get free drinks at a casino either. You will get plenty (as long as you play). But beware: TANSTAAFL!

TANSTAAFL: There ain't no such thing as a free lunch

You are the Product

A recent illustration of this principle is social media and other data generating services. Turns out that we could sign up for all those wonderful free internet services because we are the product.

If You Are Not Paying for the Product, You Are the Product!

This concept is not new. The statement goes back half a century ago and originates from a video made by artists Carlota Fay Schoolman and Richard Serra (who went on to make incredible sculptures as in Bilbao and Qatar).

Source: quote inspector


Why Bother?

Certification Benefits

Why get certified at all?

According to Google

  • 87% certified users feel more confident
  • 30% of certified users took on more responsibility or leadership roles at work

According to Microsoft

  • Get hired—faster: employers regularly use certification as a criterion for hiring.
  • Get recognized: certification demonstrates skills mastery, willingness to embrace new technologies, and your commitment to lifelong learning and growth.
  • Get rewarded: certified employees earn more than those without certification, are more productive, and have longer tenure.
  • Get promoted: employers regularly use certification as a criterion for promotion.
  • Satisfaction: 90 percent of people who earned certification said they would recommend it to a colleague.

According to SAP, the benefits of certification are that you

  • Gain a highly recognized, on-demand accreditation of excellence
  • Differentiate yourself in a crowded market
  • Execute tasks with confidence and skills
  • Attain higher wages and billable rates with a highly valued credential

Source: Infographic

No Brainer

For those that did not yet clicked on the get rich quick link above, here is the advice:

  • Invest in you
  • Find the right job
  • Get great at what you do

Granted, there we will be a bit of work ahead but the rewards, and in particular the non-monetary ones which bring confidence, skills, and satisfaction, are well worth the effort (and not the dumps).


Need Any Help? 

SAP Community Blogs

Subscribers to the SAP HANA Academy might have seen or read some of my earlier blogs and videos on the topic.

The SAP HANA exam was introduced as part of the SAP HANA tailored data center integration program in 2013 and since has been updated reguarly.

More recently, we posted a blog to help you get certified for the SPS 04 (C_HANATEC_16) and SPS 04 (C_HANATEC_17) with some commentary on the sample questions.

The exam was not easy, but with some study effort you can pass.


Ace Your Exam!

SAP Certification Success Guide

As the exam is a popular one, SAP Press reached out with the question if we could not work together on an exam guide on the topic. This week, with some blood, sweat, and tears, we are happy to announce that the SAP HANA 2.0 Certification Guide for Technology Associate Exam is now available in which we have bundled all that you need to know for the C_HANATEC exam.

You can get your copy from the SAP Press website today, Amazon and other book vendors will follow later this year.

Coupon Codes and Discounts

Investing in your career is usually well worth it but we understand that for some the price tag might be a bit on the steep side. For a discount, you can sign up for the SAP Press Newsletter. Every Monday, a book is on offer at a discount and they also have regular discount offerings during shopping events.

When you work for a (larger) company, ask your manager or HR department about the budget for training expenses. This typically also covers books used for training like those from SAP Press.

Review Copy

If you have already written a few book reviews and have a bit of a following on social media, you can contact SAP Press and try to convince them to send you a review copy.

In case you have not written (m)any reviews yet, why not start with leaving us a review of the exam guide? Thanks!


Valid for Five Years


As we wrote previously, the latest SAP HANA 2.0 SPS 05 release from June 2020 receives extended maintenance support for the next five years until 2025. As a consequence, this also means that your SPS 05 exam will be valid for five years (as was the case with the SAP HANA 1.0 SPS 12 certification).

Available for the SAP Training Shop

The exam for SPS 05 (C_HANATEC_17) is available on the SAP Training shop as of December 2020.


Share and Connect

Questions? Please post as comment.

Useful? Give us a like and share on social media.


If you would like to receive updates, connect with me on

For the author page of SAP PRESS, visit

Over the years, for the SAP HANA Academy, SAP’s Partner Innovation Lab, and à titre personnel, I have written a little over 300 posts here for the SAP Community. Some articles only reached a few readers. Others attracted quite a few more.

For your reading pleasure and convenience, here is a curated list of posts which somehow managed to pass the 10k-view mile stone and, as sign of current interest, still tickle the counters each month.


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      Author's profile photo Douglas Cezar Kuchler
      Douglas Cezar Kuchler

      Hi Denys, thanks for the very nice blog full of useful information.

      Are there any books and certifications for those focusing only on software development? Would it be the SCP certification?


      Thanks a lot! Douglas

      Author's profile photo Denys van Kempen
      Denys van Kempen
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Douglas Cezar Küchler,


      The C_HANADEV certification covers software development (on-premises) for SAP HANA, cf.


      There is an additional exam covering modeling C_HANAIMP


      In case you are familiar with SAP HANA studio, DEV covers the Development perspective and IMP the modeling.

      Rudi de Louw wrote an exam guide for HANAIMP, which has been updated several times


      There is also an exam guide for the SAP Cloud Platform for C_CPE_11 but this exam is no longer available (includes Neo)


      Today's SCP exams cover either extensions (dev) or integration (associate)

      Author's profile photo Douglas Cezar Kuchler
      Douglas Cezar Kuchler

      Hi Denys van Kempen, thanks a lot for the detailed answer!

      Do you know if I can successfully get these DEV certifications (C_HANADEV  and C_HANAIMP) after studying by myself with a subscription to SAP Learning Hub? Or there are contents only delivered in live classes? I enjoy studying by myself. 🙂

      Many thanks again!



      Author's profile photo Denys van Kempen
      Denys van Kempen
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Douglas Cezar Küchler

      Anyone can take the exam. Class attendance is not required.

      Success with the preparation!

      Author's profile photo Fredrick Mumali
      Fredrick Mumali

      Douglas Cezar Küchler I would add that SAP Learning Hub alone is too shallow for the C_HANADEV exam. The majority of the questions are from HA450, but its content on SAP Learning Hub is rather shallow. I know this because I attempted the exam after going through all the eBooks and eLearning content for HANA Development on SAP Learning Hub. The best way to ace the exam is to get yourself a free copy of HANA Express Edition and attempt tutorials and exercises, especially the exercise in this openSAP course and video tutorials on the same prepared by Thomas Jung

      Author's profile photo Eric Bickers
      Eric Bickers

      Pre-ordered my copy from Amazon a few weeks ago. Can't wait to read it.

      Author's profile photo Denys van Kempen
      Denys van Kempen
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks Eric Bickers!

      Trust the wait will be worth it; the C_HANATEC_17 exam for SPS 05 is not out yet.

      If you can spare a couple of minutes, maybe leave us a review on Amazon? 😉

      Author's profile photo Eric Bickers
      Eric Bickers

      I absolutely will. I trust the content of your book will be just as good as all the great content I found available on HANA Academy when I started crossing over from an Oracle/SQL Server DBA to becoming a HANA DBA.

      Author's profile photo Raja Sekhar Velisetti
      Raja Sekhar Velisetti

      I am ABAP Consultant. I have not worked on any HANA projects and I don’t have access to HANA system as well.

      Can I still get certified as HANA technical associate ? Is it practical or how difficult it is to get HANA certification?

      I want to get (C_HANATEC_17) certified, then what Is the starting point for a ABAP consultant?

      Please guide or share you thoughts.

      Author's profile photo Denys van Kempen
      Denys van Kempen
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Raja,

      It is certainly possible but without any previous experience but you might find the journey  a bit challenging.

      System access is no problem as you can get the SAP HANA, express edition for free (as VM) or cloud-hosted (recommended). SAP HANA Cloud also has free trials but only partly covers the material for the HANATEC exam.

      However, when you have ABAP experience, why not start with the E_HANAAW_xx series
      SAP Certified Development Specialist – ABAP for SAP HANA 2.0? This covers some SAP HANA technology but also leverages your current expertise

      Author's profile photo Raja Sekhar Velisetti
      Raja Sekhar Velisetti

      Thanks for reply. It is very helpful, I can step forward with this information.

      Author's profile photo Denys van Kempen
      Denys van Kempen
      Blog Post Author

      For a book review, see


      Author's profile photo Yassine Hadhria
      Yassine Hadhria

      Hi Denys van Kempen ,

      thank you for this very useful post.

      Good continuation

      Author's profile photo Denys van Kempen
      Denys van Kempen
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks, Mohamed!

      Author's profile photo Manu Poosarla
      Manu Poosarla

      hi Denys,


      Thanks for the blog. Can you please answer this question. I could not find any certified book for SAC certification, however SAP says as SAC01 is the certified book. Appreciate it if you can please share what book to read to get SAC certified.




      Author's profile photo Denys van Kempen
      Denys van Kempen
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Manu,

      Responded to your question here.


      SAC01 is a training course