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Next Generation B2B Marketing Based upon Multi-Faceted Contact-to-Account Relationships

Are you familiar with these use cases?

Advanced and accelerated B2B Marketing must be able to engage contacts in their specific capacity and in the context of their business or work relationships.

For example, if a contact has multiple business relationships of different types, it makes a huge difference whether you invite the contact as president of a well-respected association to a planned trade fair, or whether you merely use the contact’s role as purchasing manager in a personalized email.

Also, if contacts have multiple relationships to different accounts, it is essential to consider information of the specific function of the related account. For example, the success of a marketing tactic is different if a media publisher wants to attract a contact with the roles of both scientist and physician, in his specific capacity. The campaign target for the interest of a physician at a hospital is essentially different to the objective of a campaign that engages scientists at a medical school of a university.

Contacts who work as freelancers provide a broad variety of relationships to multiple different accounts. If they show digital engagement for specific interests, from their interactions companies can conclude hot marketing leads, generating additional revenue. With segmentation capabilities it is quite easy to figure out the key decision maker of these accounts to engage them with tailored marketing tactics.

Gain Benefit for your Business in B2B Marketing

These examples underline that contextual information about the right communication medium or essentials about the related accounts are the key contributors for marketing effectiveness and conversion success in B2B business.

SAP Marketing Cloud helps you to discover B2B contacts with the desired relationship at the accounts you want to target. And campaign orchestration smoothly handles contacts with multiple capacities at one account or contacts with relationships to multiple accounts, helping to engage contacts with email or SMS messages, or to create marketing leads in sales with contextual information.

Furthermore, marketing departments are empowered to use Marketing-Driven Sales enablement to create any kind of activities in sales, for example tasks, telephone calls or appointments, using the relevant information from the underlying contact-to-account relationship. This ensures follow-up with a contact in the relevant context of his business or work relationship.

Key Capabilities in More Detail

SAP Marketing Cloud exposes the relationship information nicely in the user interface of contact and account profiling.

To shape the desired audiences for advanced B2B marketing processes, a new segmentation profile is available that considers the related contact and account profile data.

Campaigns, using target groups with contact-to-account relationships, can be orchestrated in multiple channels, for email and SMS messages, as well as lead management and sales enablement capabilities.

Finally, marketing content for personalized email and SMS make use of contact-to-account relationship information, in both the email lite editor and the classic editor.

Most important, you can use the new end-to-end capabilities of B2B contact-to-account relationships in parallel to classic B2B marketing campaigns, based upon contact profiling best record data.

To view all these capabilities as an end to end story, watch also the following video:

How to Start Enabling the Capabilities

To enable integration of business partner and business partner relationships from Sales Cloud into Marketing Cloud, a new, much more robust version is provided.

The local but hidden persistency of Business Partner is utilized for a subsequent extraction into contacts and accounts and relationships.

With scenario-based extensibility and BAdIs you can easily enhance the contact and account data with customer-specific aspects.

SAP Marketing Cloud also provides tailored interfaces to load the data of multiple contact-to-account relationships from external sources.

If you are interested in learning how you can realize the described solution, see the online documentation for B2B contact-to-account relationships.

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      Author's profile photo Rizwan Khan
      Rizwan Khan

      Start reading consumer journey mapping details and knowing the "buyer groups"... As you would understand, B2B transactions are typically not based on one user, but rather on a few (economic buyers, op buyers, technical buyers etc)...