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Focused Insights OCC Dashboard: Create a Ticket Status Overview with the ITSM DP


The Operations Control Center (OCC) Dashboard of Focused Insights has plenty of options that can be combined for a huge variety of use cases. I like playing around with them to fill our customers with enthusiasm by offering fancy dashboards.

This article illustrates how you can easily create a nice chart that gives a comprehensive look at ITSM Tickets (Incidents, Service Requests, Change Requests etc.) with their current status. You are just a few clicks away!


Have a clear view on your incidents by status and creation date


Step 1: Create a query about all tickets

Take an empty gadget, add a query and give it a name.

Select the IT Service Management Data Provider ( /STDF/DP_ITSM ) and choose the KPI Number of Tickets For ITSM Transactions.


Set the following filters according to your customizing:

  • Transaction Type (e.g. Incident)
  • Support Team
  • All user statuses for this transaction type


Step 2: Set up your gadget

Select the COLUMN_CHART renderer. Choose a time period and resolution (e.g. the current year from the beginning of January with a resolution per week).

Don´t forget about the axis labelling 😉



Step 3: Split the tickets by their status

Copy the query.

Find the copy in the gallery and paste it to the queries list with a simple click.

Rename the copied query and deselect all status values but one.

Repeat this procedure for each status.


Step 4: Check your queries

Have a look at the chart. The sum of all queries with a single status should be the same as the number of the query with all statuses (e.g. in week 11 of the current year three incidents were created. Two of them have been confirmed while one is still in process).

The tabular view might be a bit more comfortable for this quick check.


Step 5: Stack up the queries!

Change the chart renderer to STACK_COLUMN_CHART and hide the query with all tickets by toggling its visibility.


That´s all!


Data verification

Create a search in the CRM WebUI Client with the same filters as used in Focused Insights. Pay attention to the creation date (as in the gadget settings). Set all other filters (Support Team, Transaction Type and User Status) as in one of your queries. Compare the results with the chart.


Verification: Number of all tickets and their creation date


Verification: Number of tickets which have currently been sent to SAP and their creation date



The ITSM Data Provider has a lot of options. With a clever combination of the KPI “Number of Tickets For ITSM Transactions” and queries for each status which are finally rendered as stacked columns you get amazing charts that your customers will certainly like.

Feel free to comment on this blog post and let me participate in your ideas!

All screenshots were taken by me in SAP Solution Manager 7.2 SPS08 with ST-OST 200 SP03 Wave 7.4

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  • Hi Marco,

    It is great to know ITSM reporting is a part of Focused Insight dashboard.
    It features look more or less similar to the standard CRM_UI graphical or the standard ITSM reporting dashboard.

    • Do we have any feature in this FI dashboard to filter tickets based on the SLA and computations. (IRT Due by, MPT due by etc)
    • Anything which is not there in the standard CRM UI reporting dashboard.


    Ajay Shetti

  • Hi Marco!

    Thank you so much for the article!

    It would be great to see an article on data flow Focused Insights. We ran into a problem: the data in query from /STDF/DP_ITSM does not match the CRM WebUI Client data. Perhaps there are other ways to compare the data?

    • Hello Veranika,

      there seems to be a strange bug which has not been fixed yet. Have you checked this with different transaction types? In my system (currently SAP Solution Manager 7.2 SPS11 with ST-OST 200 SP06 Wave 8.1) it works fine for ZMIN, while I get no data for ZMRQ at all and wrong data for Change Requests and Change Documents. I have reported this behaviour months ago, and I´m in steady contact with SAP. Recently I could prove in a live session that even in the SAP Demo System the Focused Insights ITSM DP does not display the expected data.

      Let´s stay in touch!

      • Hi Marco!

        Thanks for the answer. Yes, we tried to check different types of transactions, including ZMIN. We do not have the same data from the web. Therefore, we would like to know a more detailed data flow. Then it will be easier to understand at what stage the data starts to not match.

        Let's keep in touch.


        Best regards,


        • Hi Veranika!

          You can have a look at your SolMan BW with transaction code RSRT1 and search the ITSM MultiProvider 0SPRMP01 where the data is taken from according to SAP.


          Let´s quickly check the number of created incidents in April for a specific support team by executing Query 0SPRMP01/0SPR_IN_OPEN_SMV and setting the appropriate filters.

          The result is 5...

          ...and corresponds to the expected number.

          The ITSM Data Provider of the OCC Dashboard displays the correct number for ZMIN incidents.

          So far, so good.

          !! However, this does not explain the "data flow" and the loss of data for ZMRQ !!

          Recently I found out by pure chance that the data is displayed even for Service Requests...

          ...unless you set a status filter(!)

          I have cross-checked this in the SAP Demo System ( with the latest release and reported my findings to SAP. Hopefully, they will get it fixed soon.