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Customer Vendor Integration CVI in S/4HANA Migration Cockpit

In SAP S/4HANA greenfield implementation customers and suppliers should have same ID. Business Partner is the leading object and single point of entry to maintain Customer, Supplier (formerly known as Vendor), Contact Persons master data. In this blog post you get some insights how to migrate Customer and Suppliers master data, establish Contact Person Relationship and maintain additional partner functions.

Creating BP

The key and leading object is Business Partner – BP. Any BP has default 000000 Business Partner (Gen.) role. Standard Migration Cockpit object support only creation BP Customers or BP Suppliers.  In case of multi-phase project implementation, you might have some of BP are already migrated during previous phases. Sometimes Customers and vendors come from different legacy systems. In order to orchestrate further migration activities good idea would be to create needed BP and only then extend them to new roles and organizational levels. Standard BP related migration objects have mandatory BP Roles structure. 000000 default role is not acceptable.  Error message no. R11300 No update is defined for BP role 000000 is appeared. You can adjust Business Partner Supplier or Customer migration object and change Display View settings for S_ROLES source structure from Required to Visible.


Adjusting BP Roles template tab

BP roles tab has become optional in Template. You could keep it empty now.


General Data example

After migration you will have Business Partner with only default 000000 Business Partner (Gen.) role and general data like BP Group, address, communication etc.


BP is created with default roles

Legacy partner number BP_GEN_001 is automatically mapped to SAP BP number 1000111.


Customer number mapping


BP Customer – extend existing record by new org levels


Use standard Migration Cockpit Object – Customer – extend existing record by new org levels. As per Customer mapping was done it’s possible to use legacy number. You should use BP ID created on previous step. BP role Customer, Company Code data and Sales Organization data will be created. Template data example is as follow.


General Data

Customer Number*


BP Roles

Customer ID* BP Role*


Sales Data

Customer Number* Sales Organization* Distribution Channel* Division* Customer Group Currency
BP_GEN_001 1710 10 00 01 RUB


Sales Partner

Customer Number* Sales Organization* Distribution Channel* Division* Partner Role* Customer ID
BP_GEN_001 1710 10 00 SP BP_GEN_001
BP_GEN_001 1710 10 00 BP BP_GEN_001
BP_GEN_001 1710 10 00 PY BP_GEN_001
BP_GEN_001 1710 10 00 SH BP_GEN_001


Company Data

Customer Number* Company Code* Reconciliation Account
BP_GEN_001 1710 12100000


BP roles FI Customer and Customer are created.


Extended BP

BP Supplier – extend existing record by new org levels

Creation of supplier roles is the same as customer ones. Use standard Migration Cockpit Object – Supplier – extend existing record by new org levels. BP role Supplier, Company Code data and Purchase Organization data will be created.


Creating Contact Persons

You can create Contact persons using Customer or Supplier Migration Objects. Use General Data Account Person template section for naming information. BP roles – CP Contact Person.


Contact Person Relationship

Relationship to existing contact persons is out of scope in Customer migration object. In order to migrate BP Relationship new Migration Object should be created using FM BAPI_BUPR_CONTP_CREATE. Please have a look on blogpost Migrating Business Partner Relationship with S/4HANA Migration Cockpit


Partner functions

Additional partners for Customer or Suppliers could be added using custom migration objects which call API below


CMD_EI_API Customer Processing APIs

VMD_EI_API Vendor Processing APIs


Thereby we had a look on CVI approach during BP migration.

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      Author's profile photo Heike Jensen
      Heike Jensen


      here you find the official material (released some days ago) regarding the migration objects customer, vendor and business partner as well as for the so-called CVI for the Migration Cockpit, approach Direct Transfer:

      We will gather all the training material on the so-called landing page - so pls. always have a look there in case of questions:

      Best regards,

      Heike Jensen (Product Management Migration Cockpit / SAP)

      Author's profile photo Alexey Danshin
      Alexey Danshin
      Blog Post Author


      Author's profile photo Desislava Dimova
      Desislava Dimova

      Dear Alexey,

      I would like to migration of business partners with multiple roles in a defined process in S4 and avoid separated migrated objects with activated Customer/Vendor-Integration.

      Do you know if it is possible to develop CVI business partner Migration Object, e.g. using a BAPI / multiple objects.

      Is this possible to be done for Migration Cockpit file approach?

      Thanks a lot in advance!

      Radoslava Marina

      Author's profile photo KIRAN SAP

      Thanks for the information above, What will be the ideal proposed solution for Customer and Vendor Migration in SAP S4 HANA.

      1)Customer Vendor Intergration (CVI)

      2)Customer Conversion Program

      3)BDC Recording

      4)SAP MDM