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How to delete and recreate your SAP Cloud Platform Trial account

When looking at issues that participants of customer workshops or participants of the openSAP RAP course had when it comes to enable the ABAP trial account one solution, that is worth a try,is to delete and recreate your trial account.

  • Delete your trial account
  • Create a new trial account
  • Run the booster “Prepare an Account for ABAP Trial”


Delete and recreate your trial account

  1. Open the SAP Cloud Platform cockpit of your trial account and click Enter your Trial Account 
  2. Click on Delete Trial Account
  3. Click on Delete
  4. Now it is time to grab a coffee …
  5. Click on Go to Trial Home since you want to create a new fresh trial account.
  6. Choose your favorite region and click on Create Account
  7. Continue sipping coffee while your new personal trial is being created

Click on Continue

Start the booster


  1. Enter your trial account again
  2. Click on Boosters 
  3. Click on Prepare an Account for ABAP Trial
  4. Wait again …
  5. Success – Download the service key



When the Booster fails you can check in the Service Marketplace of your Dev-Space dev whether the ABAP tile is visible.

It has been observed that (the reason is not clear yet) not all services and especially the ABAP service was not available.

So in case of problems you should check the Service Marketplace whether all services and especially the ABAP service is available.

If yes click on the tile and create the ABAP trial instance manually.


When the Booster fails to create an ABAP Environment instance in one region (e.g. Europe (Frankfurt) – AWS ) then you should try to create a new instance in the other region (in this case US East (VA) – AWS ).

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  • Great option to move faster.

    I still have this issue. Never received a code and not sending any new code. I just got stuck there and created a new account to be able to access trial service. Anyone has any idea ?

    • Sorry I can't help with this. My blog refers to the situation where the trial account works as such and the user is already registered, so no need to register the phone number.


      • After reading your helpful post I just thought that people interested in this post might have encountered an error like mine. So it looks like it's somehow related to me 🙂 but if you think this question is not belong to this blog post, I can remove it. It wasn't a direct question to you. Thanks for the post itself again!

  • Is there a way to reset password for my user CB0000000703?

    when I try to log on to Eclipse, it keeps asking me to enter password for this user ID for TRL_EN

  • Hi Andrew,

    followed the steps and got below error. .

    Logon to system TRL failed (The message content is not acceptable. Accepted content types: application/




    • Have you installed the latest Eclipse and latest ADT version as described here?

      If yes, what is your Eclipse version and what version does your ADT plugin have?



    • Just enlarging on this comment a little: it's not intuitively obvious to SAP ABAP developers (at least to this one) that changing the PC software will have any effect on connecting to SCP accounts. However, updating the JRE and ADT on Eclipse to the latest versions ( finally solved this issue for me after much head-scratching.

  • Hi Adre,

    Can you please help me, what file(json) i have to upload in the below screenshot or what parameters i have to mention to create ABAP trial instance manually.

    ABAP Trial Instance creation


    Thank you


    • You don't have to select a JSON file.

      Just enter the email address that you use to authenticate in SAP Cloud Platform between the two double quotes "" right beside "email" : .


      • Thanks Andre, I tried that but it didnt work.Finally i deleted the trial account and recreated it.It worked fine then.


        Thanks for the reply