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Flexible Workflow for parked invoice as complete

In this blog post we will see how to configure and use flexible workflow for parked invoice as complete.

How to configure it ? 

  1. Activate workflow in customizing :

SPRO > MM > Logistics Invoice Verification > Incoming Invoice > Activate flexible workflow for supplier invoices

2. Once done save. Transport request will be generate

3. Access manage workflow for supplier invoice


4. Select Workflow for parked invoice as complete

5. Add new workflow

6. Define general data

7. Define the preconditions

8. Add step sequence

9. Add general data for step sequence


10. Add Recipients

11. Add preconditions

12. Add exception handling

13. click on add

14. If necessary add more new step sequence or save it

15. And Activate the new workflow


How to use it ? 

Scenario : The vendor invoice arrive with EDI in the system, an accountant check it and sets the status parked and complete. With the configuration in place, the workflow is triggered if there is a price difference.

In our case it is necessary to have a purchase order and a price differential a price difference occurs when the unit price differs from the order, depending on the quantity and the amount invoiced.
Price differences occur if :
– the supplier does not comply with the price agreements made with the purchasing department ;
– The purchasing department has entered the wrong price in the purchase order item.

  1. Go to the apps Supplier invoices list

  1. Select a parked invoice and check the VAT and balance

on the post details you can check the document flow and if a price variance exist : 

You can edit the invoice and save it as complete : 

The status is updated

3. For the purchaser a new work items arrives in the apps my inbox

You can manage back person, it is very well described on this


Here the purchase can goto the invoice with open task, suspend, forward to another person, show the workflows logs, approve  or reject it

Approval : He will be able to accept by clicking on validate, which will have the effect of booking the invoice and sending it to the blocked invoices if no correction is made.

Reject : He will be able to refuse the invoice, which will have the effect of keeping it in the parked invoices or restarting the workflow according to the configuration.

4. Purchasers decisions


The invoice is posted and she is blocked for payments

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if this topic was liked the next one will be flexible workflow for blocked invoice 🙂






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  • Very nice document.Thank you so much for sharing.

    What is the version of your system?

    I am using SAP ERP EhP8, I realized that there is no Flexible workflow. Do you have something related to this version regarding to Supplier Approval in FIORI?



      • Hi

        I am using EHP8 FOR SAP ERP 6.0

        I thought that before we move to FIORI we should configure that scenarion in MM in SPRO > MM > Logistics Invoice Verification > Incoming Invoice > Activate flexible workflow for supplier invoices


        In EHP8 under Set Check for Duplicate Invoices we can´t find activate flexible workflow for supplier invoices.





        • The fiori components are prerequisites for access to the flexible workflows apps

          You can check if you have the access to the transaction SWDD_SCENARIO.

          If no it probably miss something in your configuration.

          • Hi Alexis,


            I have access to the transaction SWDD_SCENARIO

            In SWDD I have configured the release of parked invoices in standard workflow Bus2081 WS20001003 It is working fine. I am new In FIORI that is why I am facing issues. If is there another configurations beside the configs shown please share.







          • This is the classical workflow, the flexible workflow is WS00800303.

            Fiori is not easy when you start on 🙂

            Have you got access to your Launchpad Fiori?

            Have you got the business role SAP_BR_BPC_EXPERT in your profile?


          • Hi Alexis,


            Many thanks for your assistance

            I guess I have some configurations to do before I can use FIORI and will be researching.

            I realized that there are some configuration to do through

            SAP Netweaver => Application server => Sap Business Workflow => Flexible workflow => Scenario activation.


            If you can share with me all the configuration that I have to do In SPRO for this scenario I would appreciate a lot.






  • This is great stuff!! need to share lots of articles for the reader who like your blog and thanks for sharing your ideas and tips

    Logistics Invoice Verification is a part of Materials Management (MM). It is in Logistics Invoice Verification that incoming invoices are verified in terms of their content, prices and arithmetic. When the invoice is posted, the invoice data is saved in the system.