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SAP Data Warehouse Cloud – DP agent set up and configuration


This blog post would guide you through setting up and configuring Data Provisioning agent (DP agent) for SAP Data Warehouse Cloud. SAP Data Warehouse Cloud leverages SAP HANA smart data integration and its Data Provisioning Agent to establish connection to on-premise data sources.


Data Provisioning Agent:

The Data Provisioning Agent, also called DP Agent, hosts all SAP HANA smart data integration Adapters and acts as the communication interface between SAP HANA, on which the SAP Data Warehouse Cloud is built. We can think of the DP Agent as the road infrastructure, while the connection between your systems and SAP Data Warehouse Cloud is the vehicle that transports the data to your data warehouse.


The DP Agent is installed on a server which belongs to the same network area as the on-premise system which has to be connected to SAP Data Warehouse Cloud.


Download DP agent:

Download the latest version of DP Agent from SAP Support Portal.

SAP Software Download Center > Support Packages and Patches > By Category > SAP IN-MEMORY (SAP HANA) > HANA PLATFORM EDITION > SAP HANA SDI > SAP HANA SDI 2.0 > COMPRISED SOFTWARE COMPONENT VERSIONS > HANA DP AGENT 2.0 > Latest Patch

(Below is the latest download as of 10/2020)


Install DP Agent:

Unzip the downloaded DP Agent file to any folder. Right-click on file “hdbsetup.exe” in the folder “HANBA_DP_AGENT_20_WIN_X86_64” and choose “Run as an administrator”


Choose the folder where DP Agent needs to be installed


Enter a name for the DP Agent

Username / Password for agent service should be operating system login credentials


Continue with the next steps


Register DP agent on SAP Data Warehouse Cloud:

Logon to SAP Data Warehouse Cloud tenant

Click Administration


To  register a new Data Provisioning Agent, click “Create Agent Communication Credentials” and enter the new Agent Name


The next screen displays SAP HANA Server Information, user and password to register the Data
Provisioning Agent with SAP Data Warehouse Cloud. (Please leave this screen open) as we would need to input this information while configuring the DP Agent


Go to “<DP Agent Installation folder>/bin” and run the command

agentcli.bat –configAgent

Enter option 2. Start or Stop Agent

Enter option 1. Start Agent

Enter option b to go back to the previous screen

Enter option 1. Agent Status – This confirms if the agent is running



Choose option 6: SAP HANA Connection

Choose option 2. Connect to SAP Data Warehouse Cloud via JDBC


Please copy and paste the details from SAP HANA Server Information screen in DWC.

Input true for ‘Do you want to save these connection settings? Any existing settings will be overwritten’.  This will write entries into the dpagentconfig.ini file


Stop and Start the DP Agent again

Option 2. Start or Stop Agent

Option 2. Stop Agent

Option 1. Start Agent



Close the Agent setting window open on DWC tenant


Upon successful connection establishment, we would see the connected icon against the data provisioning agent.


Enable the adapter that would be required




In this blog post we learnt how to install and configure Data Provisioning Agent for Data Warehouse Cloud.

Please leave the comments/questions that you may have in the section below.

Thank you!

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      Author's profile photo Werner Dähn
      Werner Dähn

      Nice. That deserves a "like"!

      Author's profile photo Karen Avendano
      Karen Avendano

      Hi hemanth, I can use this same agent and connect to HANA on premises at the same time. That is, the same agent connects to HANA Enterprise on premise and also connects Data Warehouse Cloud and register the Adapters

      Author's profile photo Axel Meier
      Axel Meier

      Pls feel free to check below help page - there are some important enhancements added to successfully Connect and Configure the Data Provisioning Agent

      Author's profile photo Daniel Beringer
      Daniel Beringer

      Where is the SDI DP Agent installed when I want to connect, e.g., a company's SAP Data Warehouse Cloud to the same company's SAP Marketing Cloud?

      Author's profile photo Altmann Martina
      Altmann Martina

      Hi Hemanth,

      is there a possibility to get the Installation file for Data Provisioning Agent in Developer Tools to use this for connection tests in SAP DWC Trial?

      Many thanks in advance.

      Author's profile photo Ruxandra-Maria Babeanu
      Ruxandra-Maria Babeanu

      Hello and thanks for detailed post!

      I've been through the same steps with my current DWC tenant, however i am getting the folllowing error when trying to enable the ABAP adapter (DP agent version

      Technical Message: internal error: "DWC_TENANT_OWNER"."CREATE_AGENT_ADAPTER": line 38 col 7 (at pos 1284): Cannot get adapter capabilities: ABAPAdapter does not exist or not started. Please make sure the adapter is running., Code: 403, SQL State: HY000

      Any suggestions?

      Author's profile photo Aristóbulo Cruz
      Aristóbulo Cruz

      Hi I'm doing the same guide over a Trial version but does not work.

      I have install the DP-Agent whit a administrator User

      I can Check the windows Services

      I have the IPv4 DPAgent'S ip, registered in DWC IP-Allowist / Trusted IPs

      I have created the Data Provisioning Agent in DWC

      I have setting with this information the DPA  Agent with option 6 and 2

      I´m doing stop, start,  Agent

      and finally does not work, I can check the log status Dpagent and I can see:

      "Ensure that the IP address of the agent host is allowlisted in SAP HANA system"

      but this ip is setting already.

      some recomendation ?




      I can solve add the next combination of trusted IP and trusted Cloud connector from DWC:

      CIDR Notation
      Total Amount 1 1 254 4294967294
      CIDR Notation
      Total Amount 1 254