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All about latest SuccessFactors homepage (2H 2020)

SAP introduces the latest homepage in 2H 2020 release. It is available both on the web and SF mobile application.


It Includes :

  • A welcome banner
  • Quick Action section
  • For You Today section
  • Org Update section


As an admin you can:

  • Import custom tile from legacy homepage and use as custom cards
  • Create and add Qualtrics surveys
  • Change the banner image

Enabling the Latest homepage

You can enable the latest homepage by navigating to Upgrade Center > Optional Upgrade > Latest Homepage Upgrade.


You have up to 30 days to Undo the upgrade in the Upgrade Center.

After the upgrade, employees who have permission to view this homepage will be able to see the latest homepage other employees will still see the legacy homepage.

You can give the permission by navigating to Administrator permission > Manage system properties > Manage the latest Homepage permission.

Roles with Manage the Latest Home Page permission can see the latest home page administration tool. Roles with both Manage the Latest Home Page and the previous Manage Home Page permission can see both versions of the tool and can toggle back and forth between them, using a link at the top of the page.


To begin with, you probably want to give the Access the Latest Home Page permission only to home page administrators or to a small group of testers. Later, when you’re ready to roll it out more widely, you can give access permission to a broader group.


Known Limitations:

Some functionality of the legacy home page isn’t available yet in the new experience. Before you enable the latest home page, be aware of the following limitations

  • Workflow approval tasks aren’t shown.
  • It doesn’t support usage with global assignments or concurrent employment.
  • There’s no team view for managers.
  • There isn’t any People Analytics content, including the existing Reports Tile and chart Tiles.
  • Instance refresh doesn’t include cards in the For You Today section. When you refresh from Production to Preview/Test, the target instance doesn’t show the same cards that you see in Production. Cards are generated in your Preview/Test instance based on activity within that instance, by test users. The same limitation applies to both the self-service Instance Refresh tool and to manual refreshes completed by SAP SuccessFactors.
  • Some custom tile configurations aren’t supported yet, so they can’t be converted to custom cards. At this time, we can’t convert custom tiles that use business rules or that have visibility based on the start date.
  • It doesn’t reflect theme settings in custom themes.
  • The latest Manage Home Page admin tool doesn’t include to-do settings or supplemental to-do items. You can still access these settings with the legacy admin tool


Design Notes:

Some functionality of the legacy home page is removed from the latest home page by design

  • Not all to-do tasks are necessarily shown on the home page.
  • “Cards” replace “tiles” in the new design. Visually, cards vary in size, and cards of the same type can appear in a “stack.” Functionally, cards are more interactive and enable you to do more without leaving the page.
  • Content is dynamic. The system determines when cards appear and disappear.
  • Unlike the legacy home page, administrators can’t choose which cards appear on the home page (besides custom cards).
  • Unlike legacy custom tiles, you can’t select the “type” of custom cards. There aren’t any “static” cards that display icons. All custom cards require an image instead.
  • Home page tours aren’t supported because the content is dynamic and individualized.
  • Home page cards may not be available for all versions of a feature. To get the most out of the home page, always use the latest version of a feature.
  • Some modules, like Continuous Performance Management and Rewards and Recognition, use Intelligent Services events to trigger cards on the home page. Most customers have the Intelligent Services framework enabled by default, but if you don’t, consider enabling it to make sure you see cards from modules that use it.

Importing Custom Tiles from legacy Homepage.

Some custom tile configurations aren’t supported on the latest home page. If a custom can’t be imported due to unsupported configurations you can either remove the unsupported configuration and import them now or you can wait and rerun the import later if support is added. Custom cards on the latest home page don’t support the following configurations:

  • Rule-based navigation.
  • Assignment based on the start date.
  • Invalid date ranges.
  • Static tiles with icons. “Static” type custom tiles can be converted to custom cards but not longer display an icon. The icon is replaced by a default image. You can update the image after conversion.

Navigate to Admin Center > Manage Home Page > Choose Import Custom Tiles from Legacy Home Page. You’re notified that the import is in progress.

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      Author's profile photo Phil Martin
      Phil Martin

      Hi Dharmin

      Can you give any insight into the perceived benefits of moving to the new UI - weighing up pros of the new functionality with the cons of the caveats and gaps. Any envisaged use cases for switching?




      Author's profile photo Stefan Luepsch
      Stefan Luepsch

      Hi Phil

      With H2 2020 there are upgrades available for Goal Management and Continuous Performance Management. Differently from the new homepage, these upgrades cannot be reversed.

      Pros/Cons from a GM perspective:

      The new Homepage shows content from Goal Management, Continuous Performance Management, and Continuous Feedback. On the latest homepage, you can view personal goals when the state of these goals is not yet complete and these goals are approaching their due dates or already overdue.

      The latest version of the homepage handles only personal goals in the following manner:

      • Updates of goals on the homepage appear on for those manually created, modified or deleted.
      • Goals from an import are not reflected on the home page.
      • Performance goals appear based on status, if not yet complete and 15 days before due date.
      • Development goals appear based on status, if not yet complete and 30 days before due date.
      • Overdue Performance and Development goals will display.
      Figure: Goals in “For You Today” section

      Performance and development goals disappear from the new homepage when:

      • Goals are completed.
      • Goals are deleted.
      • Goal due dates are past the due dates configured on the goal plan template.

      To-do items list can be opened and acted upon in a side panel on any page. You can take action on each to-do directly from the side panel. Overdue to-do items are indicated in red.

      Please note, there are quite some limitations for the new Goal Management (eg. mobile app usage, template conversion), so maybe wait for the next release in 2021.

      Author's profile photo Snehita Chatterjee
      Snehita Chatterjee

      How can a user personalize Homepage..

      How can an Admin Change/Edit visibility of homepage other than All Employee..

      How is the survey section useful? Why it doesnt takes many URL’s..

      Where is Todo list,  News, My Teams, My speciality etc is put in the latest Homepage??

      Author's profile photo Deborah Attali
      Deborah Attali

      Hello Dharmin

      You say Roles with both Manage the Latest Home Page and the previous Manage Home Page permission can see both versions of the tool and can toggle back and forth between them, using a link at the top of the page.

      I don't say any link to go back and forth between the 2 old/new homepage.

      Are you sure there is a link ?


      Author's profile photo Jorge Alberto Diaz Casique
      Jorge Alberto Diaz Casique

      Hello! Here the link...

      Author's profile photo Deborah Attali
      Deborah Attali

      Thanks for your answer.

      I understand it was a look to switch between the 2 different styles of homepage, but it looks like it's a link for the customization.

      Anyway, a big thanks for replying !


      Author's profile photo Jorge Alberto Diaz Casique
      Jorge Alberto Diaz Casique

      Hello! excuse me Dharmin Thakkar  I updated but I didn't see banner in home! It is needed to do something else?

      Author's profile photo Alice Tanzillo
      Alice Tanzillo

      Can you see any reason to move to the new homepage if a client is Learning only? When will they be forced to?

      Author's profile photo Brady Bragg
      Brady Bragg

      Visuals and an update will be helpful. Customers are asking for something brief and to the point. Thank you.