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Top Reasons Why Social Media Must Be Integrated into Web Design

All businesses, whether big or small, are having some social media presence. You devote your energy, time, and efforts to reaching and engaging with your customers on social media platforms. Simultaneously, you must be having an official website. You must have an SEO-optimized website, as 93 percent of overall Internet experiences begin with search engines. This should be saving you from missing out on numerous potential customers that could find you on Bing or Google. It is best to integrate social media into your website design. Here are some of the top reasons why this integration really works wonders.

An End-to-End Strategy

If your social marketing game is on point, your social posts would regularly be linking back to your website. Once you’ve taken users out of their preferred social platform and onto your site, you ought to give them a way back to their comfort zone. Despite the intuition that you would like visitors to stay on your site, it’s likely that they will want to go back to their feed once they have gone through your content. By providing a “share” button, you not only give them a way to share your page if they like it but also close the loop and let them get back to their feed. This closed-loop will help keep the experience cohesive and drives more visitors to your site.

As per, social media and customer experience are part of a somewhat continuous cycle wherein they are constantly feeding each other. We know that offline experiences are often shared online. A brand’s response and lessons that it learns from customer interactions seem to be incorporated back seamlessly into your experience.

Leveraging Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is an incredible force in the social space, and you absolutely cannot afford to ignore this in your strategy when setting up a website. The vast majority of internet users trust word of mouth via reviews, referrals, and social posts over first-party content from companies themselves. More than 80% of users are likely to have their opinions about a product or service to change based on social media posts about them from their friends and trusted influencers. This word of mouth advantage is exactly what should drive you to incorporate social media as a first-class citizen in your web design strategy.

Going from Drab and Static to Vibrant and Dynamic

Social media integration isn’t just about having share buttons on your site for easy access. By adding even the basic Twitter ticker, Facebook feed, or Instagram gallery to your site, you can change the entire look of it and make it attractive and dynamic, with something new to offer visitors every single time. It also becomes a near-flawless conduit from your site to your social accounts as users are likely to click on or engage with any content they like on the site, which will, in turn, lead to your social media accounts.

Such a feed could ensure that users who are able to locate your website not through social media platforms but via search engines are able to follow you on various social media platforms as well. There would be an impressive number of potential clients who come to know all about you through a search engine. We know that thanks to social media feeds, now you could ensure that their precise learning curve is not restricted to one single medium.

Enjoy the Benefits of Social Login: Ease & Convenience

We know that there is an advantage of integrating social media into your website because that leads to ultimate digital marketing success. Social login is also a feature that proves immensely beneficial and can pay off in a huge way in the long run. Social login is surely a relatively new concept or phenomenon. It enables businesses to allow specific content exclusively to registered users. Moreover, it helps in remarkably boosting the ease and convenience of account login for all these users. The user would not need to retype the entire login information in their social accounts, such as Facebook would be feeding their relevant information automatically. You could enjoy free Instagram likes by contacting a trustworthy digital marketing company.

Establish Direct Contact & Experience a Boost in Connections

This is surely true with businesses and consumers. You could be staying connected with your customers actively and more frequently through updates and news on the pages of your social media accounts. This should lead to the growth and support of your following professionally. With a boost in connections, you would be successfully reaching a much larger group within specifically your target group. This should be including other relevant business owners and professionals from your web design world.

Your website would be immensely benefitted from all these connections thanks to network opportunities. When somebody finds you following some other reputed business or website, they would help in building confidence in you. Moreover, they would be developing trust in your business. They would be staying connected with you and would be visiting your website.

Now You Could Enjoy the Fruits of Extended Business Hours

Social media platforms do not have any fixed business hours. When you have your own accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, etc. it implies that you could run your business 24×7. Now anytime during the day, your customers could reach out to your business. You could encourage more interaction by setting up weekly or daily update posts. It is of pivotal importance to utilize a robust platform for effective and instantaneous communication, customer feedback, and response. Moreover, you could use cutting-edge search functions, lists, groups, and community pages that are available via these social sites.

Online Referrals

One positive comment or post could be generating interest and acting as an online referral. On your website, you could set up prominent social icons for sharing and linking to the personal social media pages for giving them a golden opportunity for promoting your website. This is referred to as social influence.


Social media must be integrated into your web design for enjoying the above-discussed benefits. We know that most of the prominent and popular social media platforms are free and they never necessitate additional expenses for advertising apart from high-quality written posts, consistent upkeep of pages, etc. You could consider using these for sharing verbal and visual communications with you, your website, and your brand. You would be giving everybody an idea about the focus, values, goals, and aspirations of the population online.


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